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Cut Material in game files?

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Jannak said:

Hmmm...I wonder if the text files can be posted?

If AirRaid/Linguica give me the a-ok I can post them.
Even then, they aren't a big revelation. It's maybe half-dozen logs of employees talking about spooky experiments or getting murdered mid-conversation like in Doom 3 or any game that has them. I can see why they got removed since they added nothing and only slowed down the game's pace.

Otus said:

Recently i saw in a video a glory kill where someone ripped the imp in half. I dont know if this was gameplay someone recorded after release or if it was some old material. As long as i played i havent encountered this glory kill. Was this one cut out?

That's a kill animation if you picked up a Berserker pack.

Some of the glory kills were shortened between E3 and release. In the finished game, the Mancubus no longer belches before blowing up during the heart one, and the Doom Marine no longer kicks the Imp away after ripping it in half during the berserker glory kill.

There was also something in the alpha that was referred as "Signature Glory Kills" which were separate from the normal ones, but I have no idea what that could've been.

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Welp, here they are:




Accident report number seven five two MTC five six one three eight. Department head, Andre Kovalev. Injured party is Derek Molina. Resulting injuries were fatal. Coroner report lists death as accidental. Department head report follows. While working on the methane vents above the foundry reactor, Mr. Molina lost his footing and fell approximately one hundred and fifty feet into cooling vat number 3. Mr. Molina did not die immediately from the fall, but was asphyxiated by the fumes while trying to reach the edge of the vat to pull himself out. There were no witnesses to the accident. It should be noted that Mr. Molina had a history of substance abuse and traces of both alcohol and amphetamine were found in his system at the time of death. A non-denominational memorial service was held on MTC five six slash one three four which myself and one other attended. His belongings will be sent to next of kin on the next quarterly transport. Report ends.


- REPORTER: Umm... yeah, we're good. So you were one of the first people to break ground at the Mars facility?
- DEREK: I was here at the beginning. There were a lot of systems to put in place before we could even start harvesting Argent Energy. We had to fix the atmosphere, set up localized gravity fields. Usual settlement checklist. When I first got here I could pick up a loader drone by myself. Pretty fun. But you get muscle atrophy after a few months, so reaching the one-G threshold was a priority. And then we had to work around the environment itself. Mars gets these dust storms, right? Can't see a thing when they hit. All work would stop when one rolled in. Nowadays, they don't happen but I still remember the sound of that storm alarm. Intense. Kind of terrifying actually. It's getting cold out here. Let's get to the reactor.


Message to security team. Record: This is Captain Carter. We appear to be missing something from the armory. You'd have to be pretty stupid to steal a rocket launcher when every weapon has an RFID tracker on it. I'll tell you what, if the idiot who I'm currently tracking in Monorail Maintenance feels like returning said weapon in the next 10 minutes so I don't have to come down there and smack you over the head with it, I'll knock two weeks off your brig time.


Message to Thomas Lester:
Thomas, I checked in on work order 33578 and it looks like we're going to need an updated schematic for the induction barrels on the manual terminals. I printed a new one out and it doesn't fit right. I've printed 15 components in the last 3 days, so the fabricator's working like a champ. I'm pretty sure the blueprint is off by a few millimeters. Let me know.


SMUGGLER: Davis, I stashed it in the usual place. Just make sure you don't set fire to the place. Mackey will pick it up tomoz.


- LOGAN: These are amazing. What are they for?
- EMILIO: The Phobos outfit developed them to navigate low gravity. Sys Ops want us to try them out for gantry maintenance so we don't hog the ferry drones all the time. With these on we can hop between walkways.
- LOGAN: So I just... How do I...
- EMILIO: They detect myoelectric signals in your legs. You don't have to do anything. Just jump--and jump--and the magnetoplasma rockets give you a little nudge.
- LOGAN: Like this?


- SMUGGLER: Mackey, I stashed the mod in the you-know-where. Bring some climbing gear and, err, try to lose a little weight, eh?


- JENSEN: Excuse me, I think you're in my seat.
- QUATERMASS: Alright we've a lot to get through so let's settle down... I wanted to give a brief overview of the Argent Tower propulsion system, and then we can get into specifics later. Those of you who came from JPL will already know this, but for those who don't, the UAC officially has the solar system's biggest coilgun. We use thirty two high density EM coils, each of them generating a magnetic field of 14 Teslas. A magnesium quantum timer controls the firing sequence, which can launch the Argent packet to 10 percent lightspeed in 25 milliseconds. Don't be looking down the barrel when it fires. Okay, let's get into the details.


JACK: Message to acquisitions.
Record: Gus Houston employee number 7938-D.
This is a request for new air pads for freight elevator number 2325. The cabin slipped last week during transit so we need replace all the air pads. If one of them fails this whole thing will come down. I'll forward the approval slip when I get back to the office.


There's nowhere left to go. No one left. Just me. Swan killed himself. We made a pact to do it but I can't. I can't. If anyone ever hears this, we found something. Whatever it is, it's not worth it. I sent Spencer back to the portal with the artifact. Maybe he'll make it through. He's the only one who seems to be able to handle this place. This nightmare. Olivia, if you ever get to hear this, I hope you rot in Hell. Here they come. God, give me the strength to end this on my own terms."


- PAVEL: This is the fourth artifact we've found in this sector. They all have the same construction - a large rock tablet with an arcane symbol carved into the surface. Micro abrasions in the petroglyphs suggest further detail would be revealed with an electron microscope study. Spectral analysis confirms that this tablet is also not Martian in origin. The purpose of these tablets, whether they are some form of religious artifact or historical reference, is still unknown. Dr. Cartwright has requested... Michael? What is that sound?
- MICHAEL: I don't know. It's like [some kind of] -- *Screaming is heard in the background* The *ROAR of DEMONS* and the *LAZARUS WAVE* approaching.
- PAVEL: Michael? What is wrong with you? Michael! Michael Stop! Mich [The mic cuts off abruptly].


- SWAN: We have to push on. There's no alternative!
- ELLIS: Yes there is! We turn around! Find a way back through the portal!
- WEISMAN: Keep your voices down!
- SWAN: You saw what happened to Alex. It's not an option. Me, Brennan and Spencer are moving on. There's got to be a way out.
- ELLIS: You can't take Spencer!
- BRENNAN: Spencer comes with us. He's the only one unaffected by this madness, and we still have a job to do.
- ELLIS: There is no job, you fool! We're going to die here if we don't turn back.
- WEISMAN: Please stop shouting! They'll hear us!
- BRENNAN: Do what you need to do Ellis. But we're going on. You ready Swan, Spencer?
- ELLIS: You're insane! You're going to die here... Wait! Come back!
- WEISMAN: What are we going to do Ellis?... Oh god.


- BRENNAN: I only count six. Who's missing?
- ALEX: We have to turn back!
- SWAN: Stay calm!
- ALEX: We made a terrible mistake. We have to go back.
- WEISMAN: He's right. We shouldn't be here. Don't you feel it?
- BRENNAN: Where is everyone? Did everyone make it through?
- SPENCER: It appears so.
- ALEX: I'm going through the portal.
- SWAN: STOP! Pull yourself together. Alex, you're supposed to be team leader.
- ALEX: Who's coming with me?
- BRENNAN: No one.
- WEISMAN: I am.
- SWAN: Look, we came here to -- stop him!
- SWAN: You're not leaving -- Don't do it Vonder.
- WEISMAN: Oh my god. He...
- BRENNAN: Jesus Christ.
- SPENCER: Oh dear.
- SWAN: God damn it! I told him to... look, we've got to move on. We can't stay in one place.
- WEISMAN: Oh god oh god oh god...
- SWAN: Brennan, grab the gear.
- WAN: Spencer, Ellis, look after Weisman.
- WEISMAN: What are we going to do?
- SWAN: Jackson... where's Jackson?... RUN!"


- OLIVIA: Quiet! This is a great day for the Lazarus Project. Our hard work culminates in this expedition. These brave people are about to set forth on a new frontier. I am envious to be honest. Daniel Alex, I expect the very best from you.
- ALEX: Yes ma'am.
- OLIVIA: I don't know what you'll find on the other side, but it will be historic. Remember: work together as a team. Focus on the task. And bring me back some souvenirs! Kristophe, charge the capacitors... Drop containment... Good luck!
- ALEX: Onwards to glory!


Message to Dylan O'Connell.
Dylan, it's Patty. Oh, I got something for you. They are doing some very creepy shit at those dig sites. I just saw them bringing a body out from one of that locked room near Airlock 7C. At least I think it was a body. It was covered in a sheet-- what do you call that? A shroud? Yeah. It's covered in a shroud, dirt and crap all over it, but get this - it's in stasis cuffs and strapped down like it's a fucking serial killer. Now you tell me why you'd need to restrain a corpse? There's all these white coats hovering around it like they just found the holy-fucking-I-don't-know-what and they take it to the shuttle bay, get into an executive transport and fly off towards the Research Complex. You still want to tell me I'm crazy? You're buying me a drink tonight."


- SOPHIE: Anna... it's Sophie. Something happened. They're everywhere. I'm going to die. Oh god I'm going to die here. I miss you so much. I love you. I'm sorry.
- GREG: Let's try and make it to the escape shuttle!
- Sophie: I can't.
- GREG: We have to move!
- SOPHIE: No no no no-- OH GOD NO! Please... please...


- GREG: Let's try and make it to the escape shuttle!
- SOPHIE: I can't.
- GREG: We have to move!
- SOPHIE: Oh god... No no no no!
- GREG: Oh shit oh shit oh shit.
- GREG: The shuttle. I can make it to the shuttle.


- JACOB: Patty. You won't believe where I am. Lsiten to this.
- JACK: This is unacceptable Olivia.
- OLIVIA: I am willing to offer you access to my archives, but I will not allow a VEGA uplink, nor will I involve the UAC any more than is absolutely necessary to maintain financial support.
- JACK: Who do you think approves that spending?
- OLIVIA: I am on the verge of changing history Jack. You of all people know this. Privately you want the benefit of my discoveries, while publicly you claim no knowledge and even go so far as to condemn my work. You cannot play both sides any more. How about we take this conversation to my office?
- JACOB: Shit.


Vernon McAllister, report for work order 33557:
I think I've figured out the problem with these turbines. Someone overclocked the speed setting. They fans are running at 150%, so no wonder they keep breaking down. At that speed any piece of debris that gets in through the intake valves is going to shoot straight up the shaft into the gearing mechanism. I know they're been complaining about the stench coming from whatever the hell's underneath this place, but this is just dangerous. I'll lock in the approved settings from the maintenance panel so only an engineer can adjust it in the future."


- DR. HOROWITZ: I should have seen that coming, me and my big mouth. Jack Warren, in his infinite wisdom, is putting me on the Magellan, a survey ship bound for Ganymede. His way of keeping me quiet. I'm going to spend the next 2 years clearing black-lung from stimmed-up muckmen with no way of contacting earth. As angry as I am, there's a part of me that's relieved. It can't be worse than this place. Something terrible is happening here. The place reeks of death. The smell that comes up from the Lazarus Labs is unbearable. I'd rather be lost on some godless moon than spend one more day in this hell hole.
- VEGA: BFG prototype test number 47. We are live-live-live.
- JACK: Very good. Activate the t-t-t-turret. Run-run-run this test-test until we have 5 confirmed BFG kills- confirmed BFG kills- 5 confirmed BFG kills-kills-kills.
- VEGA: System is functioning-functioning-functioning-online.


- BEN: Hey Quinn, it's Ben. You got to hear this memo Warren just sent out.
- JACK: This is Jack Warren. We have three top level UAC executives touring the facility this week. They will also be visiting the Stickney Anomaly on Phobos and the Deimos mining base. Expect prep meetings with me in the next few days to make sure you know exactly what to say and when to say it. If you are working on some of the more... sensitive projects I expect everything to be appropriately stored or locked away as necessary. They only see what I allow them to see.
BEN: Want to place a bet he doesn't show them the DM Project? You know his little project's off the radar.


Constance, it's Laura. I'm heading to Res Ops to see if I can fix the signal loss at the VEGA access node. I'm going to reboot all three satellites at 1300 hours. Can you inform the department heads? We shouldn't be down for more than a minute --The train loses all power -- *MURMURS from the passengers* Oh come on, not today. Did we break down? Ugh. Okay. Constance don't message anyone yet. I don't know.


- SUSANNE: Today is a great day. I've been selected to work on the Lazarus Wave project which finally gets me off this awful reanimation project. They've moved me to private quarters as well, thank god. I pretty much hate everyone I work with at the moment anyway so I'll be glad to see the back of them.
- ELIAS: Susanne let's GO! We're implanting the Accumulator, NOW.
- SUSANNE: Alright! I said I'm coming!... I think rebuilding the Cyberdemon altar turned them all into assholes or something. Whatever. I'm not here to make friends. I don't even know what the Lazarus Wave project is, but it has to be better than being around that ugly monster. That thing stinks.


- GERALDO: I am recording Ms. Cartwright.
- OLIVIA: Okay, Revenant build number 168. Subject is... Derek Molina. Make sure those straps are tight Susanne. Let's begin. I'm implanting the Argent fragment... He's animated... Look at me! Here! There. Eye contact. Subject is aware of me. Can you understand me?... Are you in pain?... It's alright. It's okay... Franklin, put the neck collar on.
- FRANKLIN: Okay... Easy there... No! Help! -- Glurgh --
- OLIVIA: Stun it! STUN IT!


Why do we follow her? Why can't I stop? I hate her. My hair is falling out. My fucking hair... is falling out. Olivia Cartwright is a total fucking BITCH. I'd like to see one of those demons rip her FUCKING soul out and eat it. I'm so utterly depressed by what I'm doing here. These ceremonies are... what have I become? What is the point of this? Why am I helping her? What are we going to learn from these demons? The only thing that comes from them is HATE HATE HATE. I hope one of them gets free and kills all of us. We deserve no better.


- JOSEPH: Susanne. Do you understand what is going to happen to you?
JOSEPH: Explain it to me.
- SUSANNE:I am going to be a pioneer. I will be the firs to experience the effects of the Lazarus Wave.
- JOSEPH: This is a great day for you.
- SUSANNE: Yes. Olivia is envious of the experience I am going to have. What happened to my hair?
- JOSEPH: You cut it off, don't you remember?
- SUSANNE: No. Does Olivia like it?
- JOSEPH: She is very proud of you. Come along now, let's take you to the generator.
- SUSANNE: Will Olivia be there?
- JOSEPH: Yes. She wouldn't miss this for the world.


- STEPHAN: Hey Emma, it's Stephan. This is a very hard message to leave. I want to speak to you directly but of course that's impossible. It's about Oscar. There was an accident. He was working on the --
- STEPHAN: --when one of the supports broke and fell into the --
- STEPHAN: Well with the force field broken he got draggged into the gyro and... I'm so sorry Emma. He didn't make it. I told them those force fields weren't strong enough. They should have... The UAC will be contacting you, but I wanted you to at least hear it from someone you knew first. He talked about you all the time. And about little Jonas. I'm so sorry. I'll come and visit you on my next trip home. If I make it.


- DYLAN: Patty, Jacob. I got something. I err... liberated a private message to Olivia. Listen.
- JACK: Are you still in control?
- OLIVIA: Yes.
- JACK: Perhaps you need a break.
- OLIVIA: No. I can't stop now. I'm so close.
- JACK: Too close.
- OLIVIA: You don't understand. I have a map now. We can explore. We can bring back anything we want.
- JACK: Except people.
- OLIVIA: They're expendable. Spencer made it back. We can use bots to...
- JACK: Be careful Olivia. You are flying very close to the sun.


- BOSTON: So this is your standard issue Health Station. They're all over the facility, usually close to... Hey, are you recording this?
- KIERAN: Yeah, of course. Did you hear something? In the air ducts?
- BOSTON: No. Pay attention. I'm not teaching you this again. So, the Health Station initiates an atmoic force microscope scan on the patient, then administers a nano-bot package to target cellular deficiences. Chem-clusters stimulate rapid recovery in the patient-- Hey! This is for your benefit.
- KIERAN: Sorry. There's something moving around up there. Listen.
- BOSTON: Alright. We're done. I've got more important things to do.


- GERRY: Set a reminder to check all the scrubber vents in sector Epsilon 1-6. Duncan, pass me a Jefferson socket.
- DUNCAN: You want the... ahhh... 15 or the 18?
- GERRY: 15. Who worked on this last? This vent isn't even locked. Wait... are these scratches? Give me your flashlight. This hatch is open. And... yeah, they're all open. Something's been moving around through these vents. Duncan?


Daphne Descarte, Biome Genesis report. Our attempts to stabilize atmospheric pressure and raise the mean temperature continue. We are seeing positive radiative forcing due to increased insolation and methane propagation, but I believe we will need to increase our efforts substantially to meet our deadline in 6 weeks. If we raise propagation we will need to shut down external operations for several weeks until it permeates the stratosphere and the air becomes breathable again. We'll need a directive at the highest level to sign off on that. Report ends.


Message to Derek Molina:
Hey Derek it's Walt. I installed the new regulator panels so we should be good to go. We can to fill the coolant reservoir in half the time now. The work order calls for 6 regulators but honestly I think 4 will handle the flow just fine. They're a little tough to move. It'll take two people to redirect the coolant flow. Should be okay. It's not like the reactor's going to go super-critical on us.


Are you kidding me with this crap Kovalev? You put in a report about MY being insubordinate? I'm the threat to security? Listen to me you jumped up little shit, I was working this job while you were still struggling to wipe your ass. If you want a war with me son, I will give you one. Let's talk about the five, no, SIX security breaches in the last month alone, shall we? Or how about the missed safety inspections that have led to eight deaths in less than a YEAR? Or maybe we should talk about those people in the brig that got moved to the Lazarus Labs and haven't been seen since? Yeah, I know all about that. If you want a war, I've got a lot of ammo son, so I suggest you retract that report before I start talking. Come face me like a man.

- GECKO: Wait... Hold up. I'm recording this.
- DEREK: Why?
- GECKO: I'm going to play this back to you tomorrow so you see how annoying it is to drink with you.
- DEREK: You don't see what's going on here Gecko?
- GECKO: Nope.
- DEREK: Well I do and let me tell you, I got some shit that will stick. A paper trail as long as your arm. You know about those users Kovalev had sent to the brig?
- GECKO: Yes, I do. You haven't stopped talking about it. All night.
- DEREK: Well at least I'm talking about it! People keep disappearing and nobody seems to...
- GECKO: Hey Mr. Kovalev!
- KOVALEV: You know you should be careful the way you talk Derek. You could be cosidered a security risk. Maybe you are not to be trusted.
- DEREK: Oh you want to talk about trust?
- GECKO: Easy there Derek! He's had a little to drink Mr. Kovalev. Letting off steam you know?
- DEREK: We can talk about trust right here.
- KOVALEV: Yes of course. It's the drink talking. You have a good friend here Derek. Better than a long night in the brig.
- GECKO: Yeah. Let's go Derek. Come on bud.


- CLAUDE: Claude Descarte, Biome Genesis report. The work on the new methane turbines has been completed and I have to say they are very impressive.
- GECKO: Okay let's clear the room please! Methane vents are opening! Hurry up Kieran!
- CLAUDE: We're about to check the emergency venting system from inside the turbine room.
- GECKO: We're about ready to start Mr. Descarte.
- CLAUDE: Yes, understood. Methane pumps activated. If everything goes according to plan, we're going to see a rapid mean temperature increase over the next few months. I'm so excited. To think that I'll be alive to see this come together. A mass exodus to Mars. Mankind's new frontier. Exhiliarating!

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So they're using the Doom 3 style of storytelling through PDAs and shit? That's neat.

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GoatLord said:

So they're using the Doom 3 style of storytelling through PDAs and shit? That's neat.

No, they actually don't in the final game.

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tuo said:

No, they actually don't in the final game.

Yeah, I remember mining those, that's sad (the Derek/Revenant story was creepy as fuck).

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MrDope said:

Yeah, I remember mining those, that's sad (the Derek/Revenant story was creepy as fuck).

Regarding the Derek PDA entries, I have an opinion of my own what the inspiration to them was ;) I'd love to one day here if I am right.


The way Derek talks here, as some kind of veteran, talking down on other people etc. pp.....it is so close to Derek Smart, it is not even funny...

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