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How to change starting weapon?

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Use the "on spawn" trigger from the player to send a signal to a "load out". That way the load out will be given on spawn.

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Bonus question: How do I make triggers not appear visible in game? Even in-game they appear as visible blocks.

EDIT: I fixed the above issue but now I have a new problem. Anyone else suffering from delayed trigger firing? I am talking about things like the trigger (either a box trigger or a monster sending a signal after death) not firing until long after it's suppose to. I have had instances where I kill a demon which is suppose to cause other demons to spawn, but they don't. Then later in the map I return to the area and find out they have spawned after all. The heck?

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zinkai said:

Have u set a delay!? Check your logic string for said problem

I've looked into that on my own snapmap and it doesn't seem to be the culprit. There's a bug.

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