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Doom platformer - NES style (actaully just "retro")

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Maybe not NES, but retro.
I was making a sort of parody platformer game based on DOOM 1 and I found so much info and textures here on doomworld that I thought I would post the results back here. Also the download link if you have 15 minutes to play since that is probably what it takes to play through it!

Here are some of the GIFs I made for the game:

Here are some screenshots of the actual game:

Salutations everyone!

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No, it really isn't.

And the appearance of some of the enemy sprites appear to be off.

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Couldn't get to the end because I'm bad at video games, but I liked it. Those jumping pinkies...

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Really awesome and cute sprites!

Really cool game too. I didn't make it to the end but I'll try to list some things that I think could be added in the next version.

When aiming upwards, Doomguy stops moving and this becomes a more noticeable problem when trying to shoot imps from above because you stop in place when you do and take a few hits because of it. I guess if you want some references for 2d shooty control I guess SNK's Metal Slug could work.

Adding firing and pumping animation to the shotgun to have a better idea of how long the weapons cooldown is before firing again. Firing animations on all guns would be nice too I guess :u

The plasma gun's homing arc can waste shots when firing at an enemy straight ahead but wants to hit something above it, but out of its range possibly because the homing doesn't start until a few feet into the projectile's airtime.

More room for dodging pinkies, since when they jump up they get in a few feet from the start of the platform so more room to move around in would be nice. Or just maybe also the biting attack animation to give time to move away from their chomping range instead of just being hurt upon contact.

In the refinery level there's a platform to get up from the large acid pit but it doesn't help completely since you have to get back into the acid to jump to the next platform directly since jumping from the first platform makes you bonk your head into the one solid one above it. Not sure if you know which one I'm talking about :y.

I feel that jumping could use more "air time" if that makes sense. It feels a bit too loose and light if those are the words.

Not sure if any of that helps but I hope it does. Again, nice game ^.^

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Lol those sprites are hilarious; will have to give this a closer look later.

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