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Other great sites for Doom discussion

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Doomkid said:

It didn't really hit me until now, but this thread title is not relevant to anything in the thread. The only other "great sites for Doom discussion" I know of besides Doomworld that still exist/are still active are the Zandronum, ZDoom and ZDaemon forums.. If there's other sites out there of a similar ilk, I'd love to be part of them.

What about the IDDQD.RU forums, despite being mainly in Russian?

Also has the OP posted anywhere else but talking about this site SugarBombed in here?

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Voros said:

Please don't Ling.

Its bad enough that I have wait for a few seconds to let the page filled with gadgets load then see 5 mb was used to load that one single page, then to see that it was only the simple homepage then seeing my phone slow down immensely because it sucks and is using a lot of RAM/processor power.

I prefer the Doomworld we have here. Although it MIGHT use a new style. But then again you can do something similar with the Display Options given, no?

I don't know why people are acting like Ling's main concept isn't just to find a new framework that's designed with mobile scalability in mind instead of trying to hack this ancient bit of software to have that.

It'd be kind of pointless to make a more mobile-friendly site that then has a bunch of stuff that makes it less mobile-friendly.

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