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That Cartoony Feeling?

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Hey guys,

The new Doom absolutely rocks. The credits scene was amazing.

Did anyone read anything about the "cartoony" feel that this game has? It brings me back to original games.

Doom 3 had a serious feeling, which makes it the scariest of the Doom games (like the movie Alien).

I find Doom 2016 more inline with the movie Aliens.

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Doom 3 had more of an emphasis on horror, but DOOM is definitely a throwback to the original games. I'm not sure if I'd label it 'cartoony' though.

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Well, compared to Doom 3, the colors are a lot more vibrant which I guess people associate with being cartoony. Of course, that's not exactly true because many animals in real life have bright vibrant colors, usually as a warning to back off because they tend to be very dangerous.

Some people seem to think that muted colors are a necessity for "realism" and that the Pinky and Baron among others having vibrant colors makes it cartoony.

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