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Naked Snake

In the Arena

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Doom ducked down behind the crate, clutching his Machinegun close to his chest, his breathing was fast and heavy. He was out of breath from running around the Arena. His eyes darted back and forth, scanning the area for intruders, all his senses were keen and alert. The gunshots in the next room alerted Doom that he may be discovered. He quickly looked down at the L.E.D. display on his Machinegun. 25 rounds left...not enough. Doom shrug and thought "better than nothin'". He wondered where Phobos and Crash were. They were his team-mates afterall...shouldn't they be here? The gunshots stopped and Doom clicked open his wrist com-unit. He typed in "Team, where are you?". 10 seconds later Phobos responded with "Gargoyle room". Crash responded soon after with "Just respawned >_<". Doom chuckled. The Stroggos Veterans will not win this arena. Doom got up and rushed into the adjacent room, the light source was dim, for it was only a simple row of torches. *puttaputtaputtaputta*. Doom jumped to the side, dodging the bullets bursting forth from somebody's Machinegun. The muzzleflash lit the room up enough for Doom to see that it was Grunt blasting at him. "SUCK ON THIS!!!" Doom shouted as he blasted at Grunt.
"Arg!". GOT HIM! Now for the simple task of following the blood trails. So simple, a 5 year old could do it. *BOOM*! Doom fell to the ground, barely alive. The buckshot ripped through his tender flesh, flaying it. His assassin flipped Doom over, thinking he was dead. "ARG!" Doom shouted as he thrust his gauntlet up, shoving it into Major's face, the splash of blood on the walls and floors added a little colour to the bland room. Doom could hardly move now that the adreniline had stopped pumping. Major had some much needed ammo, which Doom promptly collected. Pulling ammo of corpses...just like on Phobos...Deimon...Hell...Earth...the moons of Jupiter...WHY!? He felt a hand touch his shoulder, he knew who it was instantly just by how tight she gripped.
"It's allright soldier, you're just doing what you have to." Crash said. Crash, his former military instructor, now his flame. When the Gladiators rested in their quarters, she usually came to "talk" to Doom...but that is a different story...one that doesn't belong here.
"I know, I know" Doom replied.
"Now, get yer ass movin'" Crash said as she patted Doom on the rear, sending him off back in the Arena........alone....the way he will always be...

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i knew he was a dumbass way before you registered! before i even registered here! (i visted this place alot before i registered, i learned about doomboy and how dumb he can be ;) )

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