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Lore Friendly: Episode 1

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My first SnapMap excursion wound up being a lot more complicated that I initially planned. It contains just enough story to push you along through the level, an adjustable difficulty with score modifiers, and an Arcade Mode for anyone who likes seeing the numbers fly through the air. I intend it to be the first of four maps telling a story about an invasion on a UAC base located on Deimos.

Map Name: Lore Friendly
Current Version: 1.2
SnapCode: 4327KCBV
Difficulty: Hurt Me Plenty/Nightmare
Story: A United Aerospace Corporation base on Deimos has gone offline. Restore power to the facility and investigate the source of the interuption.
-Adustable Score Modifiers:
--No Weapon Pickups: Removes all weapons from the map
--No Powerups: Removes Regeneration, Mega Health, and Haste from the map
--Nightmare: Buffs AI Conductors and Boss Fights
-Point Loss on Death
-Combination of AI Conductor and Scripted Battles for a balanced and fun pacing
-Arcade Mode: Shows damage values and score above enemies, as well as the score and timer on the HUD
-Two Secrets w/ optional Boss Fight: Be observant and they shouldn't be too hard to find

Possible features for v1.3:
-Another Secret Room
-Score Modifiers
--No Demon Drops: Will require more pickups. Maybe Glory Kill Drops only, we'll see.
--Hard Core Mode: Dying ends in failure
-Easy Mode: I'm back and forth on this one, because the main level isn't that hard. But it could be interesting to set it up just for people who suck at shooters. In theory it would disable on activating any modifiers, and would disable modifiers if turned on. Would also cut the score in half.

I'm going to take a break from more complicated maps though, as this took me pretty much all day yesterday to construct and I really want to play Campaign mode some more. So Episode 2 will probably not come for a while, but in the mean time I have some easier ideas in mind for a joke level and a survival level.

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