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The first wad I ever made.

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So, I decided it would be a good idea to release it now, since this abomination has been sitting in my computer for like 3-4 years.

This is the first wad I ever made. When I downloaded Doom Builder 2 for the first time. When I never knew that you could change the grid size apart from 32x32.

This monstruosity containts 5 wonderfuly crafted levels. Ranging from ok to STARTAN.

It contains levels that are only compatible with ZDOOM and no custom anything outside of the new "levels"

The so called history I made up now because I don't know if this ever had a history:"You are a marine sent to infiltrate a illegal UAC base in earth that has been doing some crazy illegal stuff."

It does not contain any doors at all, since I didn't knew how to make them at the time.


The beautiful history of each map:

MAP01:You spawn in a ventilation thingy, in front of you, there is a dead guy that has been there who knows how long and there is a shotgun there too, the you advance trough the ventilation and end up in a brick building of the U.A.C, in front of you, another corpse, this time, with a super shotgun and 2 shotgun shell boxes, you advance trough there to find that an experiment had gone wrong in the other room, a bunch of baron of hells are in there! they had been expecting you because meh, besides them, a chaingun and another corpse and the ceiling fell a little in that area, after those barons, a hallway, you see a door... as you aproach that door, you discover its one of the UACs greatest invention.... THE PASS TROUGH DOOR! and you get an invincibilitytytyty sphere, after that, a bunch of zombies! you grab the plasmagun and armor that is in that room too and PLASMAED ALL OF THEM! outside, a group of archviles is waiting for you and behind them a car that you can use to escape!

MAP02: You arrive at your house, there are other 3 friend marine spies of yours, you notice a hole in the wall that no one else saw, and you go trough it, in what seems to be a hallway bathroom thing and at the very end... A WALL OF RAINING BLOOD! you go trough that wall and you see the same bathroom walls and ceiling but the floor is covered in BLOOD! there are numerous demons around but corpses that left blue armors, soulspheres and berserkers will be enough to make you stay alive... as you reach the end of this horrible sight... INVISIBLE HELL KNIGHTS ATTACK YOU! You punch all of them to death as you manage to reach the end of this place...

MAP03, "The Nazi Forest": As you reach the end, a small hallway that leads to a drop leads you to a forest! Then you hear frightful words "Schutzstaffel!". You gun down the nazis that where haunting you in that forest to proceed trough the forest... A horrible sight you see! A BUNCH OF PINKY DEMONS HAD SLAUGHTERED ANOTHER HUMAN! You kill those pesky plumbers and grab the rocket launcher said human had left for you and as you advance, you encounter a CYBERDEMON! As you skillful-y dodge said CyberneticFiends missiles, you advance after killing him and find another 3 marines!

MAP04: You killed those other 3 Marines you had seen and as you advance trough the rest of the forest, you finally find a house! at the side of the house there is a marine that is selling weapons and you jusdt take them because he doesn't care and as you enter the house, 2 other marines stare at each other, and you find yet another PASS TROUGH WALL! it leads to another forest, a portal perphacps? and yet again you find that some pesky pinkies have slaughtered some humans! you kill them and after that, a canyon, you jump trough it as you're envolved in fire and bullets... ARCH VILES AND ZOMBIES ARE AT THE BOTtOM! You manage to survive that and run trough a cave and escape...

MAP05: You have arrived at STARTANOPOLIS! and all hell is quite literally breaking loose! as you advance trough the destroyed city, countless gray marines are fighting countless demons! The marines are winning tough, so you just run trough the place to reach the end and find 2 cages containing more marines! you go to the directiong an arrow is poingting at but nothing happens and you go back, but the moment you walk on the arrow again, YOU WIN!


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Heh, the level description is accurate, they contain what you wrote and nothing else.

This was ugly and generally bad, I didn't find a single corridor filled with invisible hell knights fun (MAP02), nor I am happy to see Nazis (MAP03). MAP01 was actually the most interesting one as it contained tactics: the only way I could finish it was to out-maneuver barons so you get the invulnerability before the arch-viles start blocking you.

I died immediately after jumping down on MAP04 and I didn't bother with Startanopolis.

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