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So many inspirations they drew from with the game design...

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The first and foremost I noticed is Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I mean, the foundry and the mustafar system are visually identical. Even the power up drones that you punch once you upgrade look identical to the ones flying around mustafar that anakin & obi Wan flew on during their final battle. Even your pistol makes a sound simular to that of a gungan shield deflector during certain shots.

Obviously a lot of aliens vibe, and some terminator funnies... bit even deeper than that: Prometheus. The holographic recordings that play out things as you unlock them, the LV-planet like feel and scale, and visual design. The UAC labs look extremely simular to the weyland & ship designs from prometheus. The big outdoor areas remind me a lot of prometheus and the thing for some reason.

Many others, but those stand out the most to me. Any one else notice any specifics inspirations or influences to the game?

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Orchid87 said:

No wonder. Original Doom was pretty much Aliens + Evil Dead.

I know right? Doom is basically a love letter to the pop culture they lived in at that time.

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ShadesMaster said:

So I'm not the only one who thought so. Plus, Samuel HAYDEN with a red energy sword... 'nuff said. :P

*vader thme suddenly plays in the background*

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