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Unique episode 4 songs

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Um, hi. I am making a Doom mod where every level in the game has a unique song, so there would be variation to the soundtrack. But, I want to know if there is a way to change what song a level uses, as I need to do that with all the Episode 4 levels. Is there a way to do that?

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If you're making a wad specifically for ZDoom, you can assign unique music tracks to E4 levels via MAPINFO. There are several other ports (Eternity, Doomsday...) with their own scripting languages in which you can achieve that. But if you're aiming for a broad compatibility (such as vanilla, "limit-removing", Boom or MBF), you have to accept that E4 music tracks are hardcoded to be shared with specific tracks from the previous episodes.

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Outside of ZDoom in some ports it is possible with MUSINFO, although the effect isn't instant, so first you hear a tiny bit of the original song and then it switches to the other one. I guess you can get around that by adding a bit of silence at the start of every midi.

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kuchitsu said:

I guess you can get around that by adding a bit of silence at the start of every midi.

Better yet, by replacing every stock midi with a completely silent one, and let the "actual" midis all be custom ones (defined in the MUSINFO).

That said, this method only works in ports that support MUSINFO, and can't work on arbitrary maps (e.g. unmodified stock IWAD maps), but you must make your own maps with the Music Changer thing put at their start.

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Kappes Buur said:

The easiest way is to open your map with Slade3 and copy/paste your midis at the end of your map.
Then rename your midi to the name of the original midi of episode 4. And save.

See this list for the correct name.

Here's the thing: This will work fine if you're only making an E4 replacement. If you're replacing E4 plus another episode (or all of them), I assume you'll need to use MAPINFO/MUSINFO to get your unique E4 tracks.

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