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Snapmapping discoveries..

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After messing around with Snapmap, and creating a few maps to get a feel for it I've discovered two things.

Scripting is buggy when referencing many even with relays, and filters (My recently published map can't function properly with the select your own mode start.)

Terry traps are 100% possible. Map: QQLG2MBL

To keep this post away from the top two findings, and more towards myself.. I bring you snapmap id: WBQ3N5JV.


It includes a run towards the exit, a start reminiscent of Quake, and a few tongue-in-cheek world messages. The lack-there-of game flow is inspired by Hexen, and probably a direct rip from it. Final segment is spawner hell in a small room.

Now that I think about it... probably a standard first map, and not one to publish.

Oh! There's music!

Edit: Added a map code, and screenshot.

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