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Doom Bringer II: fictional Doom-inspired game

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So, I was, like, watching some 'toon on Nickelodeon, when I noticed that in Jimmy Neutron's episode "Grumpy Young Men", Jimmy and his crew were trying to buy Doom Bringer II, a "violent, mature-audience only game where you hit old ladies" which looked suspiciously like Doom.

  • Hell Theme: check
  • Cyberdemon-lookalike: check (bulky like a cyberdemon, but more spiked, like an imp)
  • Doom-like fonts: check
  • Word "Doom" in the title: check
  • Doom II-like faceoff: (sort of) check, if you consider that old lady to be a stand-in for the Doom marine...
  • Iconic green armor: again, sort of check, if you consider the granny's dress to be the "armor". At least the color looks identical ;-)

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boris said:

So, were they able to buy it?

No spoilers :-p

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