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Not enough love for id Tech 6

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What do you guys think? It looks much better than id Tech 5 and runs much smoother than id Tech 5! I get constant 60 FPS at Ultra on my weak 960 gtx, while Wolfenstein New Order was laggy as hell.

Funny how it reminds me of the original Doom tech. It was not the most technically advanced stuff on the market (1993 arcade games like Daytona USA and Ridge Racer were a generation ahead). But it ran reasonably fast on office PCs for such a level of detail in its environments. IIRC, Ultima Underworld 2 and System Shock required better hardware to run as fast.

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I agree. As I said in another thread this game looks simply amazing. I hope that one day I managed to achieve at least 1/10 skills of id graphics. Every elements fits to each other perfectly. Textures look incredible - good and clear. Also the lights looks amazing. And everything works super smooth (play on GTX980 with constant 60 fps but with weak i5 this is impressive result).

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Im not sure if the game has been patched yet?
Well, it performs well for the most part. In smaller areas my framerate can go up to 140 with my r9 290. But in some areas with gore nests my framerate can drop below 50. Not sure why. And yeah, nvidiacards runs doom much better than amd-cards obviously because id tech 6 uses opengl. Why, you might ask?
About that...

Newer version of opengl on nvidiacards (4.5) versus amd (4.3). I remember Stratton saying on the nvidia conference with gtx 1080 that vulkan support will come in about 3 weeks after launch. And where is the async compute support?


r9 300-series does support opengl 4.5 according to http://www.amd.com/en-us/products/graphics/desktop/r9#
But not the r9 200-series (correct me if im wrong here).

But, yes, DOOM looks good even on medium settings. Frametarget doesnt work for me in DOOM. It works great in all my other games. The framerate is all over the place in some areas. Besides, i get the same framerate when using lowest and highest settings. So, there a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed here. And after watching some performance vids on youtube it seems like both xbox one and ps4 have problems keeping a steady framerate of 60. Its funny how my htpc with a 960 runs DOOM better than my gaming machine with a r9 290. Its such a shame because the game is amazingly good!

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