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MIDI reset on new music?

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Am I the only one who is bothered when music in wads doesn't reset it's panning/effects/etc. at the start of a track, and so settings from previous tracks carry over sometimes? I'm finally playing Sunlust right now and several of the midis assume centre panning for some channels instead of setting it explicitly, and so the panning gets all out of whack. But that's just the latest example, I find this problem occurs quite frequently.

I've thought of several hacky solutions for it, but then I think, maybe ports should just send a MIDI reset message and then wait a second any time there's a music switch? Is this a thing that people would like?

Actually I just tried ZDoom right now and it appears it does that, or at least sets all the values to defaults on new music. I think 3DGE does too. But PrBoom+, Chocolate Doom, and probably some others don't.

EDIT: I was wrong, it's a portmidi problem, not a Doom port problem. All music playback that I've tried that isn't portmidi seems to be fine.

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