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For PS4 users with performance issues

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My PC is not suitable to play Doom...well, it is suitable to play Doom, but not Doom, if you get my meaning. So I play on PS4. However I noticed the game was pushing the console to the absolute limits; the fan sounded like a jet engine, and graphical issues were occurring. Not normal behavior.

For anyone else worried or having this issue, the PS4 APU has generally poorly done thermal paste. Meaning that the paste is either too thick as was my case (think about double the proper amount, which should be minimal) or dries up very quickly due to being poor quality.

I did a teardown of the PS4. There are lots of videos and guides. Cleaned the APU and applied a bit of Arctic Silver 5. Reassembled and the PS4 now runs whisper quiet when out of game. In game, the fan is quite quiet, only being pushed slightly when there is a ton of action on screen. Overall it's not even 20 percent as loud as it was before.

It's a relatively easy fix. You will need a Torx T9 or T8 security bit (I used a T8 just fine) and you'll want a couple of smaller philips head bits and a small flathead as well. Dust will likely be in the fan and trapped between the heat sink and power supply; you want to get rid of this when removing the power supply. Reassembly wasn't too much more difficult than the teardown, but you want to be careful; there are one or two wires that can easily be broken if not disconnected.

Just thought I'd share for what are probably very few console users. But it has made a world of difference for me!

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