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Weapons vs Monsters Guide

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Now that Doom 2016 has been released for a few days now, many of us has faced all sorts of challenging Demons and adopted a variety of strategies to overcome these obstacles. So I have created this thread to share and discuss our best weapons, mods and tactics to eliminate your enemies as effectively and time efficiently as possible. Feel free to contribute ideas to improve the list.

**Boss Fights are excluded**
**The Chainsaw and BFG is excluded**

Weak Enemies


Unwilling & Possessed Zombies
These are slow and weak fodder that better serve for grinding purposes, anything kills them quickly.

1. Pistol - For the sake of saving ammo, head shot these guys with no ammo spent
2. Glory Killing - With the Armored Offensive Rune you can farm these weaklings for that much needed armor
3. Weapon Grinding - Pay attention to the final Mastery conditions for some of your weapons (and runes). For example, the micro missiles need to hit 4 different demons in one volley. The Unwilling make for easy and risk free Mastery unlocks

Possessed Soldiers
Surprisingly dangerous projectile enemies when spread out. Known for shooting multiple but easily avoidable plasma shots in additional to the overcharged area of effect blast. But they aren't particularly difficult to kill.

1. Combat Shotgun's Grenade Launcher - If you can't get up close to blast their heads with a single shot then lob a grenade and take them out quickly. The more upgraded the mod, the faster recharge time it has. In the early game, this will be a very useful and reliable weapon mod against possessed soldiers and Imps alike. Shooting them grouped is a bonus.
2. Heavy Assault Rifle's Tactical Scope - A great weapon for sniping weaker demons such as Possessed Soldiers. When fully upgraded this baby will near instant kill them per hit (only when using scope)

Possessed Soldiers (Shielded)
One of the most annoying enemies you can encounter in Doom. Their shields can soak lots of damage while they charge with short range but deadly shotgun bursts. Even once you deplete their shields they can quickly spawn another.

1. Splash Damage - Grenades and rockets will do the trick. They can either instant kill or stagger / stun these guys enough to expose them for a clear shot
2. Plasma Rifle's Stun Bomb - Shoot that next to these bastards and stun them for a nice duration, exposing them for any weapon fire
3. Gauss Cannon's Precision Shot - A forgivable use of plasma ammo, shielded or not a fully charged shot will eliminate the target instantly

These little agile knobs love to back flip and throw fireballs at your face, they love to climb ledges and throw fireballs at your face, they love to dodge you and throw fireballs at your face and even love running away so their mates can throw fireballs at your face.

1. Combat Shotgun's Grande Launcher - If not close enough for a quick blast, a direct hit with a grenade will do the trick. Even better if you complete the cluster bomb Mastery a direct hit will blow up multiple enemies
2. Heavy Assault Rifle's Tactical Scope - Ideally upgraded for maximum damage, this weapon is great for quickly killing Imps at a distance
3. Plasma Rifle - An all rounder killer of weaker demons which effectively stuns them in the process. When up close, the Heat Blast mod can be effective when surrounded or if you suddenly lose track of them

Lost Souls
Similar to the classic Dooms, these weak but annoying enemies charge at you on sight and can be difficult to spot at times. You don't even have to self detonate with a rocket launcher anymore as they do the job for you and explode on impact. Anyone else get annoyed how loudly they scream?

1. Heavy Assault Rifle - This can hastily neutralize them at a distance with minimal ammo use
2. Fully Upgraded Charged Pistol - A bit more slower and riskier but if you can charge your pistol quickly a single shot will eliminate one at a time
3. Plasma Rifle - Hasty and quick killing weapon that is a decent alternative

Hell Razors
A tougher but slower Possessed enemy that shouldn't be ignored. They can shoot a consistent beam of heavy damage for a few seconds. If you allow more than one of these guys to charge their weapons then you're gonna have a bad time.

1. Combat Rifle Mods - The Charged Burst Mod should kill or critically wound these guys up close, alternatively the grande launcher should put them in a dire state
2. Super Shotgun - Get close and blast their face into brittle
3. Plasma Rifle Stun Bomb - A Justifiable means to prevent them from shooting, but kill them quickly
4. Heavy Weapons - Gauss cannon blast, triple rocket fire or Mobile Turret focus is a reasonable method of disposing this threat

Tough Enemies

These lovable Balls of joy are surprisingly tough to kill and may shoot dazing projectiles frequently when in close enough range to you. They also have a tendency to sneak up on the player.

1. Rocket Launcher Lock-on Burst - Triple fire + an immediate single fire rocket shot can severely wound them and put them in a staggered state
2. Gauss Cannon Mods - Preferably upgraded so you can move, the Siege Mode shot can instantly kill a Cacodemon. A fully charged Precision Bolt + an immediate blast is likely to critically wound or kill one

Spooky Scary Skeletons that put shivers down your spine. These scrubs behave more as a Heavy than an agile enemy however they do tend to jump platform to platform, hop around or float mid-air and launch a volley of mini rockets at you.

1. Super Shotgun Mastery - Get up close and double blast them quickly and they will be vulnerable to a finisher. A nice and quick solution to a tougher enemy
2. Gauss Cannon Precision Bolt - A fully charged shot on its head should instant kill them. Likewise a Siege Mode Blast will kill them regardless what body part you hit.

Pinkies & Spectres
Big, intimidating and deceivingly shielded beasts that get you running or dead. Their primary attack is a charge that needs to be dodged (In-Flight Mobility Rune can do wonders) less you become food. Shooting the front of them is a waste of precious time and ammo in an intense combat situation. Their back, that's the sweet spot.

1. Super Shotgun Mastery - Simply dodge and allow them to smack a wall. Run behind them and double blast the Demon at its exposed back for an instant kill
2. Plasma Rifle's Stun Bomb Mod - A worthwhile blast to stop their charge and prevent them from turning around as you target their weak spot with a shotty blast **Need to Confirm**

Hell Knights
Doom 3 baddies but faster, agile, slightly weaker and no projectiles. Whether you like it or not, these guys will make themselves a priority. They quickly charge at you, often jumping and slamming the ground forcing you to constantly run until dealt with. Granted you can outrun them, but how dare they go unpunished!

1. Super Shotgun Mastery - Since you're likely to be up close to these guys regardless, double blast them quickly, followed by an additional shot
2. Rocket Launcher Lock-on Burst Mod - Triple fire + immediate single shot to kill or put in stagger state **Need to confirm**
3. Gauss Cannon Mods - Definitely upgrade this so you can move / faster. Fully charge your shots at their heads for quick elimination, if you're quick enough

Barons of Hell
Large, faster, agile, tough, deadly and capable of inflicting heavy damage with both melee and projectiles. Infamous for being the bigger and badder versions of Hell Knights, in Doom 4 they are particularly so.

1. Gauss Cannon Siege Mode Mod - You will want to upgrade this completely and unlock the Mastery for mobility but if you're quick enough, a good shot at the Baron's head should critically injure it
2. Although I did say I'm excluding Chainsaws and BFGs from this list, they work wonders against these guys and no one will judge you for it. Because pressure can't make diamonds out of precious flowers like yourself :3

Fat, tough, deadly and fat. Did I mention that they're fat? Well that doesn't stop them from defying gravity and jumping on platforms. These guys can soak their share of damage while shooting several deadly projectiles at you or up close smashing the ground causing an area of effect damage (I think jumping can dodge it). Fortunately their projectiles can easily be dodged and they can be easily outran. Take advantage of the Terrain around you.

1. Rocket Launcher Lock-on Mod - First shoot a single blast, followed by a triple fire then an immediate single shot and they should be dead or very least staggered for a glory kill. Costly in rockets I know, but effective
2. Gauss Cannon Siege Mode Mod - If the situation permits, hide in a corner where the Mancubus can't fire and charge your shot as it slowly walks in front of your firing range. A blast to the head (and possibly belly) should eliminate it quickly. Alternatively a couple fully charged Precision shots to the head should stagger or kill it

Fatter, Stronger and Deadlier Mancubus. These cyber / poison versions can soak and deal more damage. Also I believe their toxic projectiles can temporarily create a pain sector on any location the projectiles land.

1.**Anyone know of any particularly quick and time efficient weapons / tactics to kill these guys?**
2. Like Barons of Hell - Using all your Chainsaw fuel or a BFG blast is a decent trade to eliminate these baddies. Obviously it would only be wise to use the BFG if there are multiple enemies

The Archvile Summoner can be considered a painful or entertaining enemy to fight. This demon, somewhat behaving like a miniboss summons more enemies to the fray, regularly teleports to different locations and shoots a line of Argent energy at you. For higher if not all difficulties the Summoner should be a high priority target before you get overrun by Demons. Dog I heard you liked Summoners so I Summoned more Summoning Summoners with my Summoner.

1. Rocket Launcher's Lock-on Mod - In many cases a triple fire shot + immediate single blast should put the Summoner in a staggered state. Another advantage to this is how the rockets will attempt to follow the target even after it teleports away

Highly Recommended Mastery and Mods
- Combat Shotgun's Grenade Launcher Mod
- Heavy Assault Rifle's Tactical Scope Mod
- Plasma Rifle's Stun Bomb Mod
- Super Shotgun Mastery
- Rocket Launcher's Lock-on Mod
- Gauss Cannon's Siege Mode / Precision Shot Mods

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

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Ah yes, I forgot about the Summoners. I will need to add that in as well, I know one effective strategy against them. There is also a few strategies I need to confirm, I would appreciate any help to confirm them.

Also I'm not entirely sure if difficulties play a role in their effectiveness.

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Chezza said:

Ah yes, I forgot about the Summoners. I will need to add that in as well, I know one effective strategy against them. There is also a few strategies I need to confirm, I would appreciate any help to confirm them.

Also I'm not entirely sure if difficulties play a role in their effectiveness.

I chainsaw them as quick as I could every time I had the chance.

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julz_d said:

I chainsaw them as quick as I could every time I had the chance.

I went the route of super shotgun, and rockets if I could (sort of depends what else is helping them attack me though). Either way, they were one of the main priorities to take down during a fight.

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I've found that the lock-on rockets, and the Plasma Rifle's stun shot work best against Summoners.
Either blast them with a barrage of rockets that will follow them, or stun them with your Plasma Rifle from a distance, and quickly run in to get a few good SSG shots in up close.

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Remote denotation rockets tend to be my weapon of choice against, well, lots of things, but they stun/stagger Barons pretty well. Headshots from a seiged gauss cannon also do the trick.

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Not going to lie, if you get the micro missile mod for the HAR upgraded all the way and combine it with the Rich Get Richer rune (infinite ammo) you become OP as fuck; circle strafe and never stop holding the trigger. With the constant damage it tends to keep everything staggered. It feels a little cheap but it did help out in a couple of those last fights.

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Hell Guards

The Siege Mode Gauss Cannon will blow the first guy back. Just stand there and as soon as he attacks you his shield goes down, blows him back and you can just repeat that. If they use their fireball just time it right and you can blow the ball up while hitting him.

When both come out just use the penetrating Chain Gun, absolutely destroys them and you never run out of ammo or health because they constantly drop it.

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