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Moon Marin

First Full Length Mission

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Hey guys i made a snapmap, i'll add pictures/video later but I wsnted to go ahead and throw the code up and see if anyone can give early feedback.

The level is a basic start to finish with keycards secrets, a few corridors and arena's. A teleporter and ambush mechanics both make an appearance and I tried to get the level to flow into itself as well. Secrets are present as well, and two of the secrets are E1M1 homage's. There's also an optional area for some non-linearity. I spent about 3-4 hours this morning building it.

Code is - 2CAB8PAW

Let me know what you think if anyone can find time to try it.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

3-4 hours, Must be good .

of course it could be bad but thats why im looking for feedback.

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i spent a few more hours tweaking around with it, i realized when first released some things (like the teleporter) were not working correctly. The map has been thoroughly play tested to ensure all features work correctly, now i need to tweak the game balance based on feedback.

Code name is still the same, if anyone would care to try it.

Code is - 2CAB8PAW

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