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Solid Plissken

Describe the DOOM weapons as if you were the manual.

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I'll start
Brass knuckles:Going head to head with the demons with this weapon demonstrates all the common sense of a man signing up for alligator wrestling.But when you got the bezerk pack,that's a completly diffrent thing.

Pistol:Useless pea-shooter with bad accuracy,find a replacement.

Shotgun:Arguably the most versatile weapon,decent damage,accuracy and range with the only thing going against it,is the rate of fire.

Chaingun:Low damage and accuracy,but makes up for it with full auto fire and high stun chance.Good for when you're getting chased by an army.

Super Shotgun:A groovy weapon that hits as hard as a rocket,just watch out when you're reloading.

Rocket launcher:For when a Super shotgun blast absolutely has to be on time,look no further.

Plasma Rifle:High damage and rate of fire,think of it as a Chaingun on steroids.

BFG 9k:Experimental Plasma weapon manufactured by (CLASSIFIED),hits as hard as Harmageddon and can probably stop it.

Chainsaw:The great communicator,great for when demons need to get the point.

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I'll try, it'll be fun...
Knuckle: the starting weapon. Doesn't really deserve any more wasted paper/screen pixels/....
Pistol: imagine a long ranged knuckle, but with limited ammo. Deserves a bit more paper/screen space, but still not much.
Shotgun: you'll be using this baby most of the time. Good damage, average rate of fire, good ammo capacity. If you already don't have one, ask the nearest Former Sargeant to borrow you one.
SSG: like the previous one, but with 3x the bang for 2x the buck.
Chaingun: makes good use of the starting 50 bullets for the pistol. Fires 4x faster. Also, makes cacodemons dance.
RL: obsolete when you have the SSG. just forget this one.
Plasma: the ideal compromise between usability and coolness. Ammo ain't really plentiful, though. Still better than the Chaingun.
BFG: the ultimate weapon of destruction. Kills everything in sight.
Chainsaw: useful against Pinkies.
Berserk: makes you actually press 1 sometimes.

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Sure, why not~

Fist: When the ammo runs out your fists are the last thing stopping you from becoming monster chow. Find a berserk pack for a little more sting in your bee!

Chainsaw: While cutting up demons into more manageable pieces might not have been it's original purpose, it does work pretty well for it!

Pistol: Easy to shoot and carry, this small firearm is capable of taking out former humans pretty easily, but the bigger baddies will demand more firepower.

Shotgun: Standard issue boom-stick, it can take down most things your size in only one shell. You can usually find one in the cold dead hands of a former sergeant you've put down for the count.

Super Shotgun: What could be better than a shotgun? How about two shotguns in one! Just make sure you hold onto this thing when you unload it into the crotch of some big badass.

Chaingun: A rapid-fire lead flinging machine, it's capable of slowing down all but the biggest of badasses with it's constant shower of pain. Great for parties too!

Rocket Launcher: See that zombie over there? Fuck him and everyone around him! These self propelled explosives can easily topple the big guys, and turn the rest into bloody pulp.

Plasma Gun: Firing super heated plasma at a blindingly fast pace, this piece of tech will easily BBQ anything in your way, even roasting the big guys in just a few seconds!

BFG-9000: The mother of all weapons. A single blast from the "BIG-FUCKIN'-GUN" will instantly kill anything but the most powerful behemoths of hell. Just make sure you stick around to watch the fireworks!

That was actually kinda fun :P

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Fist: Your last resort but, let's be honest here, you better start saying your prayers if you've resorted to punching demons. Slightly less useless in the presence of certain performance enhancing packs.

Chainsaw: Normally a tool of the trade for horror monsters, now the tables have turned. Useful against easily stunnable prey but risky.

Pistol: Standard issue in any marine's belt, useful until you find something better.

Shotgun: Handy at close range but not so bad at longer distances. Careful, though, as the possessed sargent hordes can use this weapon against you.

Super Shotgun: Nearly triple the damage for only twice the price? Sold! Not so good at long range.

Chaingun: When you just need to spray down every frikkin' hell spawn in the room.

Rocket Launcher: Like making things blow up? This is the weapon for you! Makes everything go boom, including you if you fire it too close.

Plasma Rifle: Chaingun just not cutting it for you? This baby melts through just about any demon.

BFG 9000: Need to feel big? Say hello to over-compensation. Point at whatever you want reduced to radioactive sludge and pull the trigger.

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Ok, why not:

Fist:You're one tough son of a bitch and you want to make sure that those demons get a taste of your own punch, get berserk and you'll have the power of a rocket in the form of a fist, hit 'em and watch them fall apart like a shit cookie.

Chainsaw:A tool for cutting, but effective against demons, in a gruesome way, cut your way with a motor-powered tool with a blade, make meat first, ask questions later.

Pistol:Slow firing, low damage, find something better and it becomes useless.

Shotgun:Finally some firepower, a 12-guage buckshot, accurate and deadly, your old love.

SSG:Now that's what i call a boomstick! Double your fun with a 2-barrel Sawed-Off shotgun and say Groovy! when you find it. Get close and unleash 2 loads of 12g buckshot, make sure they get the message, because you're back in town!

Chaingun:Fast, deadly, this thing spits bullets like no tomorrow and it stuns almost every demon, you'll feel like Rambo!

Rocket Launcher:A group of enemies you want dead quickly? Look no further than the RL, effective at cleaning groups of lesser enemies and softening tougher enemies so you can finish 'em off with a well placed SSG shot, it works wonders.

Plasma Rifle:Hi-tech powered weaponery at it's finest, think of it as an accurate energy based machine gun, fires fast and stuns even the toughest Hell has to offer, you're gonna love it!

BFG9000:Big Freaking Gun aka Big Fuckin' Gun 9000, the big boss, this thing fires a green sphere that upon contact hits multiple targets and it can deal a shit-ton of damage to toughest of Hell's highest minions, as for the 9000, well, let's just say that someone at UAC must be a big DBZ fan.

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Fist: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you, if it's close.

Chainsaw: Hold the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you, if it's close.

Pistol: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

Shotgun: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

Super Shotgun: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

Chaingun: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

Rocket Launcher: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you, and possibly yourself.

Plasma Gun: Hold the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

BFG: Click the left mouse button to damage what's in front of you.

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Solid Plissken said:

Pistol:Useless pea-shooter with bad accuracy,find a replacement.

Bad accuracy maybe. Find a replacement probably. Useless? not really. I don't think there's such a thing as a useless weapon. Even the pistol has it usage.

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SFoZ911 said:

Bad accuracy maybe. Find a replacement probably. Useless? not really. I don't think there's such a thing as a useless weapon. Even the pistol has it usage.

And that use is a last resort starter weapon :D

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bzzrak said:

RL: obsolete when you have the SSG. just forget this one.

Not even close, I have no idea what game you are playing but in doom, the rocket launcher is much better than the damn ssg. More DPS, and blast damage. Also, it doesn't use shells, you know, just in case you run out?

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Ragnor said:

And that use is a last resort starter weapon :D

I'd like to see you play an ammo-scrounging Jodwin map, balanced according to the FFF (Finnish Frugality Formula), best summed-up as "two shells for three imps". Then you'll really appreciate the pistol, its ability to let you fully use odd number of bullets, and its ability not to fire two bullets, when only one would do the trick. Every 6-7 shots that you manage to save, are an extra imp that you can take down when you most need it!

Oh and the pistol can fire with 100% accuracy too, just like the chaingun, if you know how ;-)

@bzzrak, sudo459: there was a great post recently about the SSG vs the RL, but I cannot find it. Essentially, it explained very concisely that they are as much polar opposites as two Doom weapons can be. Their overlap area is really minimal. SSG essentially gives you RL-like damage vs a single enemy in CQ battles, without the fear of the rockets' splash damage, but it cannot project this power over long distances, or harm multiple nearby opponents equally, plus its fire rate is slooooow. The RL is the exact opposite: it fires fast, it deals a lot of damage to grouped enemies, it can reach far etc. but it's suicidal to use in CQ.

I can think of situations where one would be more appropriate than the other, as well as maps that only have specific kinds of situations. But claiming that the SSG can be used as a drop-in replacement for the RL always and every time? Not by a long shot (which would fail with the SSG anyway, heh). It cannot even be used as a complete drop-in replacement for the regular SG, with which it only shares the ammo type. Tactically, they are two completely different weapons, though not as polarly opposite as the SSG and RL.

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The SSG is, in a way, the polar opposite of the rocket launcher strategically. The Rocket Launcher is well at medium to long range, obviously not recommended up close, the SSG is the opposite, useful for close quarters but worthless at a distance. You can chaingun snipe weaker prey but, for tougher enemies like Barons and Mancubi (And especially Archviles and Revanants), the rocket launcher serves a good use.

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sudo459 said:

Not even close, I have no idea what game you are playing but in doom, the rocket launcher is much better than the damn ssg. More DPS, and blast damage. Also, it doesn't use shells, you know, just in case you run out?

Hmm, well I guess everyone has his own gaming taste. I personally, when I have the SSG, use the RL only against groups of Lost Souls because I love seeing them flying all over the place.

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bzzrak said:

Hmm, well I guess everyone has his own gaming taste. I personally, when I have the SSG, use the RL only against groups of Lost Souls because I love seeing them flying all over the place.

OK, so that's the only situation where you feel the RL would be useful/better than the SSG?

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Ok,now for the Skulltag weapons.
Railgun:A sci-fi sniper's wet dream.Good for all kinds of skilled players.Line up as many scumbag demons as possible and see how many you can kill with one slug.

Grenade launcher:For when a rocket is not bouncy enough.Good for hitting enemies behind corners.

Minigun: For when you gotta kill every single demon sonuvabish, accept no substitutes.

BFG 10k:A weaker,but fast-firing variant of the 9K. Blessed by the pagan war god Mars himself.

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Fist: Hit em'hard, hit em low. Run outta lead, knock their head off their toes.

Pistol: Looks can be conceiving, but this one doesn't swing in your favor.

Shotgun: Ol' McShotty, load it up a' plenty of buckshot. A tight spread that seems to turn into a slugger when you fire from a distance. What a wonderful design.

Super-Shotgun: Let the name and twin barrels do the talking. Shoots 20 pellets instead of the 7 used in the regular shotgun (You do the math, UAC science everybody.) Boomstick is terror for all who gets in it's way.

Chaingun: Boom boom boom, here comes the nightrain! Automatic, high-velocity firepower? Yes Please!

Rocket Launcher: Your right hand man-cannon. Foes turn into Demonic cobbler when they get a mouthful of this.

Plasma Rifle: Looks like an accordion, and about as cacophonous. This Neon view blocker gives demonic entities a real eye-sore.

BFG-9000: What a name, and what a gun. Squeeze the trigger, and have some fun.

Chainsaw: WTF is a chainsaw doing on Mars?

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1 = Fist / Chainsaw
Your iron-clad knuckles are a little better than nothing. Note: When you walk across the chainsaw it replaces your fist as the current weapon. Pressing the 1 key will toggle between your Fist and the Chainsaw.

2 = The Pistol is the only weapon you start out with. But you'll use anything in a pinch, no matter how pathetic it may feel.

3 = Shotguns / Combat Shotguns can deliver a heavy punch at close range and a generous pelting from a distance. Combat Shotguns are double-barreled, sawed-off killing sticks. These gats are the ultimate in pellet warfare. Beware, two barrels not only deliver more fire power, but take more time to reload. Pressing the 3 key will toggle between the Shotgun and the Combat Shotgun.

4 = Chainguns direct heavy firepower into your opponent, making him do the chaingun cha-cha.

5 = Rocket Launchers deliver an explosive rocket that can turn several baddies inside-out.

6 = Plasma Rifles shoot multiple rounds of plasma energy frying some demon butt!

7 = BFG 9000s are the prize of the military's arsenal. Great for clearing the room of those unwelcome guests. Shoot it and see for yourself.

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I was just amazed to discover the Doom II manual used the word "gats"

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For when you want to get up close and personal with some mean looking son of a gun. Use your fist with a berserk pack and show them who the real boss is.


No one is entirely sure what these are doing in space. But who cares? Go make minced meat out of whoever or whatever is bothering you.


Standard issue sidearm. This is all you were left with when those bastards left you behind to go see what all that screaming was about. It doesn't do much damage. You'd better find yourself another gun.


Nothing says "back off" better (or louder) than your trusty boom stick. For when you're done talking.

Super Shotgun

Everything about the shotgun...times two! This bad boy will dish out more than double the damage of the shotgun, but at the cost of two shells. Use it wisely.


This heavy gun is 100% mean. Consider this a one way belt fed ticket back to hell. It uses the same ammo as your pistol.

Rocket Launcher

When bullets simply won't make the cut, this is what you need. Take down large groups of smaller enemies and reduce them to ground beef, or take out bigger enemies woth ease. Don't be too close to your target when you fire it though, otherwise you might end up being a mess, too. Warning: Tends to attract lost souls.

Plasma Rifle

Just like a chaingun, but instead of firing bullets, this beast fires balls of blue energy at your foes. Incredibly powerful, incredibly loud.

BFG 9000

Once you figure out how to hold it properly, all bets are off. This Big F*cking Gun will make you a god. Just one shot can clear an entire room. Uses forty energy cells per shot.

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Knuckles:When you're out of ammunition for your arsenal use this to punch demons in the face, because that's what they deserve for killing your pet.

Chainsaw:A more rapid melee weapon that stuns most enemies, look behind you!

Pistol:Run for a better gun, this will get you nowhere.

Shotgun:A rifle of sorts, great for small enemies and for long range shooting.

Super shotgun:An enhanced shotgun in a way, comes handy when you gotta kill something quick, shove this weapon into enemies' faces and kick back for a while, while you plop your shells into the tubes.
You can't snipe with it though.

Chaingun:For when there are just too many enemies in split angles, monsters don't know how to react to this kind of thing when are being shot.

Rocket launcher:Launch your rockets with this brand new rocket launcher. Kills quick, widespread and leaves a fine mess behind.

Plasma rifle:Hot steamy gadget for when you're heavily surrounded on all sides. Turn it up, and play it loud, possibly burn out all the energy.

BFG 9000:The Big Flaming Griller, Big Fun Gun;call it what you like, but nothing will deny the fact that it's a magnificent killing machine powered by pure energy you probably found in the dumpster. Good luck finding this gun for yourself.

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The Mighty Fist - Use it to give those demons a little punch out.

Chainsaw - Find this to replace your Mighty Fist. This isn't your ordinary tree cutting device, it's to massacre the demon bastards!

Pistol - Your starting weapon that does normal damage.

Shotgun - This delivers a more powerful blast than the pistol. Uses shells for ammunition.

Super Shotgun - A far stronger version of the shotgun than can do more damage to heavier enemies. However, it eats more shells and takes longer to reload.

Chaingun - A rapid fire weapon that is useful for taking out groups of enemies at once.

Rocket Launcher - Delivers such devastating firepower to your enemies and even affect those around the explosion, so be careful not to use it in close range.

Plasma Rifle - Shoots out streams of energy that destroys your enemies but requires a lot of energy cells.

BFG9000 - The Big Freaking Gun. This is the ultimate weapon. Simply fire it in a room full of demons and watch what happens.

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Brass knuckles: It's your fist, but for serious shit.
Pistol: You'll only use this on the first level or two.
Shotgun: Now that's better!
Super Shotgun: This is probably the only weapon you'll need.
Chaingun: It's like a pistol that repeats itself one too many times.
Rocket Launcher: Use this and the SSG, only useful weapon next to that.
Plasma Rifle: It's satisfying to use just, okay?
BFG 9000: You'll never use this honestly, but you want it.

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Brass Knuckles: pointless without heavy drug abuse
Chainsaw: Couldn't time pinky attacks correctly, suffering the consequences
Pistol: Accidentally selected after finding an ammo box.
Shotgun: The pistol that Doom needs, but doesn't deserve.
Super Shotgun: The only gun that reloads, for some reason.
Chaingun: Sounds like popping bubble-wrap
Rocket Launcher: Launches Rockets.
Plasma Rifle: I'm trying to save ammo for...
BFG 9000: Still, Cyberdemon doesn't flinch.

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Fist: You got guns of your own. Now punch 'em until they are dead!

Chainsaw: The chainsaw is a tool for those who rip and those who tear. So rip and tear through demon hordes!

Pistol: Your trusty ol' Beretta ought to do the trick on the demons. Use it on weak enemies, but don't bother using it on strong enemies unless you are low on ammo.

Shotgun: I save this... *pumps shotgun* for close encounters. Use this communicator on the medium strength enemies.

Super Shotgun: This... IS MY BOOMSTICK! Use the light maker wisely... but always use it on Pinkies. It's the anti-Pinky gun. =)

Chaingun: Give it a good spin! Fire away and watch as the demons dance into heaps of blood, guts, and bone!

Rocket Launcher: Let the blood rain down on you from the sky and wash over you as you make enemies into red paste and paint the room red.

Plasma Rifle: I like 'em extra crispy don't you? Fry up some demons with this bad boy!

BFG9000: It's the Big Fucking Gun.... need I say more?

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Hmm, ok, let's see:

Fists: Good to use when you run out of ammo against imps, demons and lost souls, especially when you have a berserk active and it's also good to spare ammo if you can and see a situation for it, you never know what could be ahead, not recommended to use it against Cyberdemons though.

Chainsaw: Same thing as fists, but it's safer to use a chainsaw than fists. If you're trying to save ammo, or you don't have it at all(it happens to everyone once in a while), just use it, get a berserk pack and use it, it will stun probably 50-60% of the enemies I would say in the game. So just lock the chainsaw into them and shred 'em to death bruh!

Pistol: Well... You basically use it to kill zombies at the start of episodes and shotgunners just to get the shotgun and never use the pistol again.

Shotgun: What can I say about the shotgun, a precise weapon, easy to manage in my opinion, it will be your friend and save your life most of the times when you don't have more weapons and when it's your only choice and because let's face it, it's FUN TO USE THE SHOTGUN. It's simplicity and elegance of being an old weapon in the future will still get the job done for you, one well placed shot to an imp/zombie man/shotgunners and it's 90% of the times one-shot kill you would be amazed If I told you that you can beat Doom 1 only with a shotgun(that of course if you're masochist enough to do so, allthough I have nothing against it).

Double-barrel Shotgun: It's a VERY useful weapon to use against Arch-Viles, Revenants, Hell Knights and Barons of Hell if you don't have the Rocket Launcher, Plasma gun/BFG-9000. I don't need to say that you absolutely have to be VERY careful using it at close range against these enemies I mentioned, especially Arch-Viles and Revenants because simply in their case it could be very hard to dodge their attacks, and if you don't dodge properly, you're gonna get most likely pwned. It's more powerful than the regular shotgun, but it also wastes twice the ammo for it, not to mention that you should deliver a full blow, not half of it, you don't wanna spray it or else, you'll be wasting shotgun ammo quickly, so watch out, use it wisely, don't use it all the time on imps for crying out loud, unless your aim isn't very good and the situation asks for it.

Chaingun: It's a good weapon against a considered high amount of enemies in a specific room, that depends on the enemies, the room you're in, the situation and your needs, (if it's too small and you're getting pwned by everyone just switch to a better/stronger weapon, I would use a chaingun against a bunch of monsters only If I feel that I can dodge most of their fire) in my opinion it's the best weapon to use against Pain Elementals, because if you're close to them, you can just simply hold the fire button and he'll be stunned until he dies and won't be able to throw a lost soul to your face, if you're kinda far from him you can just give a few taps to the chaingun to stun him from distance.

Rocket Launcher: Rocket Launcher will get things going if you're in a hurry and just want finish the mission in a good time easily killing high amount of enemies, but you should watch your aim at distance, if you don't aim properly you will be missing tons of missiles and next thing you notice, you're low on rockets, and they'll only probably give you more ammo before a boss fight, so It's not an easy weapon to get used to, especially the aim, recommended to use against a high amount of enemies at a safe distance, please don't use it while in close range combat, it will just explode you into pieces along with the other enemies around you.

Plasma Gun: Ahhh, the Plasma Gun, it's like the Chaingun.. But you know, better. Basically you would use a Plasma Gun to open a path when completely surrounded by everything, it has definitely more fire power than the Chaingun the fire rate I guess you could say that the Chaingun has a higher fire rate... The only "bad" thing you could say about the Plasma Gun is that the accuracy isn't as great as the Chaingun, the Chaingun is more accurate at a relative distance, but the Plasma Gun will probably get you out of most bad situations you encounter through the game.

BFG-9000: Best weapon in the game, period. The amazing, the utimate demon-slayer BFG-9000!! I could say many and many wonderful things about this bad boy, and I will, when the time comes to use it, oh boy, you're in for a treat! It's firepower is beyond anything you could have ever dreamed, not only it slays most of the regular demons in one blast, it also damages other demons surrounding the demon you slayed with it, consequently also slaying them, I guarantee you will have a great time turning your enemies into red pasta with one shot, it's useful for any situation, the ammo of it is the same of the Plasma Gun, so be that as it may each BFG-9000 shot consumes 40 of it, so even if it's the most badass weapon in the game, save it for "when the time comes" because you will also need your Plasma Gun in the long run. I guess the only complaint you could make about the BFG-9000 is that the shot may take sometimes more time that you can handle in a dangerous situation, other than that, it's the perfect weapon.

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Fist:Use it to kill people
Pistol:Use it to kill people
Shotgun:Use it to kill people
SSG: Use it to kill people
Chaingun:Use it to kill people
Rocket Launcher: Use it to kill Peoples
Plasma Gun: Use it to burn people
BFG9000: Use it to make sure you killed people

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Fist: Feasible for fun fistfights.
Pistol: Poor pellet-propelling plaything.
Chainsaw: Chest-chopping/chewing champion.
Shotgun: Shoots shabby sharp shells.
SSG: Surprisingly strong slaughtering scattergun.
Rocket-launcher: Rolling rigorous radius ravage. ("radius" as in radius-area explosion, duh)
BFG9000: Blasts big bright balls.

(Somebody will English skill should really do this properly, I ran out of ideas after the first three weapons, that's also why chaingun and plasmagun are missing + because "ch" and "p" were already taken by chainsaw and pistol.)

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Fist: a Shotgun that shoots one pellet for only one foot.
Pistol: a Shotgun that shoots one pellet.
Shotgun: a Shotgun
Super Shotgun: a Shotgun that shoots more pellets.
Chaingun: a Shotgun that shoots less pellets faster.
Rocket Launcher: a shotgun that shoots one slow pellet that acts like a lot of pellets.
Plasma Rifle: a Shotgun that shoots a lot of slow pellets faster that act like one pellet.
BFG 9000: a Shotgun that shoots one pellet really slow that acts like a lot of pellets but delayed and weird.
Chainsaw: a Shotgun that shoots many pellets at once for only one foot.

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Probably a bit too revealing and "strategy guide"-ish, but oh well.

Fists: As a marine trained in physical combat and supplied with brass knuckles, you are capable of killing weaker enemies with just a few punches. Fistfighting enemies is generally not recommended except in critical situations, but we do have advanced stimulant packages around the base which you can consume to greatly increase your physical strength. When using your fists, steady maneuvering and run-punches are the best way to both inflict and avoid damage.

Pistol: The pistol is your standard issue sidearm, recommended primarily for light combat situations or in the absence of stronger firepower. Despite its limited effectiveness, it can be fired once at a time for greater accuracy, making it useful for long-range attacks. When using the pistol, be sure to prioritize not only weaker enemies, but also any toxic barrels near them.

Shotgun: The shotgun is a highly effective and versatile weapon that's good for close combat. Though it has limited accuracy and firing speed, you can dispense most enemies within just a few shots, or even one in the case of zombies and imps. When using the shotgun, make sure to have a place of cover or space for maneuvering while you reload.

Super Shotgun: The super shotgun functions like the shotgun (and shares its ammunition) with twice the blast and reloading time. It is highly effective when dealing with strong enemies or groups of weaker ones, with one shot being enough to take out an entire group of zombies and imps at once; however, its reload time makes having a place of cover or space for maneuvering ever more important. Your choice between using this weapon and the standard shotgun may depend on your immediate environment as well as the type and number of enemies present.

Chaingun: This automatic weapon functions like the pistol (and shares its ammunition) with twice the firing rate. This makes it highly effective for offense and for steadily disabling enemies with a constant barrage of bullets. Like the pistol, it can also be fired once at a time for greater accuracy, making it useful for long-range attacks. However, use the chaingun wisely, as it consumes ammo quickly. When using the chaingun, focus especially on encroaching or highly disablable enemies.

Rocket launcher: Like the super shotgun, this weapon is highly effective against stronger enemies or groups of weaker ones, but at longer range rather than shorter range. It has an effective damage radius, but naturally, this also makes it bad to use in close quarters or possibly in narrow spaces. When using the rocket launcher, try luring groups of enemies close enough together in order to kill them more efficiently, and aim at a curve from where you are moving and/or a bit ahead from where your target is moving so as to not miss.

Plasma rifle: An automatic weapon that fires powerful energy projectiles at a fast rate, the plasma rifle is ideal for extreme combat situations and making escapes, though it also consumes ammo quickly and should therefore be used carefully. When using it, aim at a curve from where you are moving and/or a bit ahead from where your target is moving so as to not miss.

BFG9000: The latest development from our weapons specialist team, this plasma-based weapon (which shares ammunition with the plasma rifle) fires immensely powerful blasts of energy comprising 40 plasma cells, and has been engineered so that the blasts will also affect anyone near the target except yourself. It is the deadliest weapon available on base, and can be usd to dispatch a room of enemies with relative ease. Use wisely, however, because the projectile is slower moving than that of other weapons and the firing rate is slow. This means that it takes careful shooting and coordination to make an effective shot, and you will not want to be without enough plasma when in an emergency. When using the BFG9000, try luring groups of enemies close enough together in order to kill them more efficiently, and aim at a curve from where you are moving and/or a bit ahead from where your target is moving so as to not miss.

Chainsaw: Though initially supplied on base only for maintenance purposes, the UAC-issue chainsaw has proven surprisingly effective for combat. Being top-of-the-line and high-powered, it is capable of steadily disabling some enemies in a way similar to a chaingun. Moreover, thanks to our advanced energy technology, the chainsaw never runs out of power, making it valuable when dealing with ammo constraints. However, it can still get stuck in the target it's being used on, making it harder for the user to move. When using the chainsaw, maneuver like when using the fist and try to hide behind the enemies you're attacking so as not to remain open to attack while "locked in" to your opponent.

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