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Henry and The Basement - Two new Snap Maps

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Solo basement cleaning: YPKA23S3
Henry, BFG edition: YNM9FWF6

Hey all,

I created old doom wads back in the day, so I am pretty stoked on this Snap Map. That said, here's two of my first maps that I would like to share. I'm just a lone man, so I'm looking for other like-minded individuals for testing, feedback, and enjoyment!

The basement map slowly builds up and ends in a blast. Also, there's secret pinky demons in the map that if you unleash will help you clean out the baddies. The best way to play is slow and steady.

The Henry map is lots of custom explosions and enemies on screen at once, it's chaos and the best way to play is to go fast!

I don't have a reference ID for the first map because I hit the button too soon after publish and lost it (is there a way to retrieve it?). But, if you search "basement" it's the only map available: solo basement cleaning.

Here's some images for solo basement cleaning:

Henry, BFG edition: YNM9FWF6

You can find video previews of the maps on my Youtube channel in my sig, too.

Let me know what you think and if you are on the Bone, you can hit me up at VentedPennies and we can do some levels together.

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Just finished Cleaning the Basement. Not a bad map but it has some things that limited my ability to enjoy it. The main issue is the overuse of the dark room themes, I couldn't see a damn thing the whole map and had to spray and pray for the most part. Once the lost souls started spawning I was pretty fucked since they would get to me before I could even see them. Also some of the item placement seemed a little lazy especially the room near the start with the blob of 10 or so medium armors mashed together.

On the up side it definitely seems to be more detailed and has more thought and effort put into it than most snap maps I've seen so far.

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Thanks for playing it.

Yeah, now that I've picked up a few more techniques, I should really give it another pass. From this very board, I've learned how to make flickering lights and some other things that should improve the lighting.

I appreciate the feedback as it gives me the motivation to revisit the level. Cheers!

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Gave The Basement a run myself. I liked the darkness! I liked the map aesthetics! I really liked the map! Until i started dying every chance against the Baron.

Gameplay: Eh... 3/5
The map is definitely the greatest thing of this map, but not the fights. The fights were leaning too much on difficulty through limited resources. I kept getting murdered by the two spectres because i ran out of bullets to pelt them with. It doesn't help that there are too many enemies through little ammo to beat them with. It's either this or i suck.
Map Design: EXCELLENT. 5/5
THAT LIGHTING EFFECT. *claps* Very nice! So far its the only map that really gave me a spooky vibe! I especially like how the lights sometimes flicker! Even if the map is a bit small (never got too far from 6-7 rooms), the scenery was already quite the sight to see. Or not see, in this case!
Sound: Eh... 3/5
I know this is a spooky map, so music shouldn't be that big of a thing. But i just don't remember any music being played at all, even during group encounters. Could be part of the map's aesthetics, so i left it at 3/5.
Difficulty: Not too good. 2/5
YEAH, my main complaint of this map. It's quite tough. Not on the tough of being tough, but the type of tough of just "you didn't had enough bullets!" tough. Again, i kept getting murdered because of lack of bullets, especially with the amount of enemies in this map. That baron that comes later is impassable for me (cause i suck?) because of the ammo restriction.
Uniqueness: Pretty good! 4/5
Darkness. Stands out pretty damn well. Keep at that dark feeling!
Technicality: Ok. 3/5
I didn't ran to any trapped rooms, or weird-out logic, so the map works fine. But i did run through repeated messaging whenever i picked up the shotgun.

Pretty damn good looking map! Just fix up the encounters or the ammo in the map.

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Yeah, there's respawning ammo packs around but they are not as highlighted as the armor and health ones. Thanks for the input, I'll most likely make the ammo more clearly defined throughout the map.

I'm glad you liked the lighting, it's probably the thing I play around with the most. Cheers.

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Was just checkin out the newest snapmaps and saw someone by the name of OGDOOMGOD stole your basement map. Was going to report him but the only options for reporting maps involve offensive content.

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Hey, hey, it's cool. He's my cousin and I downloaded and published the map via his gamertag 'cause I was showing him some things.

Thanks for looking out, though.

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