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Updating existing snapmaps

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If I created a snapmap and published it, is there a way to still continue to add things to an already published map or do i have to republish the updates as a new map. Iam not very experienced with this snapmap, its probably just me but I dont find this system very user friendly with new players. Also how do you test out a team/death match without having multiple players available is there a way to set up additional AI's teams for testing purposes.

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When you update a map, all you have to do is re-publish it. The new version will take the place of the old one and will keep its play count and vote status. And for AI teams, the best you can do is spawn Demons with a team setting. Should work I think. Not sure if they will respawn though.

EDIT: Oh! And conveniently it shows your map again in the Newest Maps area.

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