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Plasma Gun

How to delete save slots?

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AirRaid said:

If only there was some kind of on-screen prompt to let you know about that.

Yeah, that would be great.........

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If you are in DOSBox playing DOOM I or DOOM II you can go to the game folder and you'll see some files called DOOMSAV0 DOOMSAV1 if you have saves (DSG format)... This files store all the saved game info and characteristics. The max files of this type are 5, because in this two DOOM titles you can save up to 5 saves (DOOMSAV5). The higher the number is, the save is more at the bottom. (hope thet I explained myself correctly)


How can I manage my saves?

Delete the save that you want by deleting the file.

Modify the display on your game by moving up or down your saves just renaming the files.

I don't personally recommend you to edit the files content (just its name)


I hope it was helpful!




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12 hours ago, Freddy_Zart said:

If you are in DOSBox playing DOOM I or DOOM II

This is the Doom 2016 section of the forums.

Edited by Edward850

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16 minutes ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:


Au contraire, mon frère... it's the Doom 2016 section. *puts on shades* 

See I knew that, but somehow I just typed Eternal anyway. Not sure why I did that. 

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