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The Test Base (my first SnapMap)

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The reason I got Doom at its release date was because of SnapMap; This SnapMap starts off with two paths, each with different demons. They both enter a big room where a wave event takes place.

After this, you'll find a keycard that starts a 3:30 timer that counts down; You have to find the power cores and return them to the power stations to unlock the final door to a boss battle!

You get bonus time when returning a core to a station and when the boss battle starts. I made this SnapMap within the 13th-14th and published it!

Its map tag is 3ZS3B6AD.

Sorry if this post sucks but the internet I have right now is crap compaed to my nomal internet, so it struggles to do anything but Facebook and won't let me preview my post!

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I don't know if this counts as a bump at all, but...

@Chrisspitz: Okay; It's now on SnapMap Hub here; Coincidentally I also updated this SnapMap recently and recorded a new video of it:

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