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AI Filter Issue

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Hey so in my survival map in development right now, I was setting up variable item drops for different demons to give different amounts of resources, and when it came time to test I ran into an issue with my AI filters. I have a filter running to each item drop, and have them each configured to a different set of demons based on how big and strong they are. But for some reason the damn Zombies spawn every single one of the containers instead of just the 1 resource container they're supposed to. It seems to me that either I am missing something major, or there's a bug with AI Filters not affecting Possessed Workers and Possessed Scientists, despite them being on the list. Any one else with this issue or have a solution?

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I have encountered this exact problem.
It appears the posessed worker and scientist ignore filter specifics.
I m currently making a RPG-like system where you collect experience points by
killing demons and eventually advancing your class.

I have found a workaround for this problem:
set a baseline so that all demons drop 5 exp, and then add filters for the other demons, so that they will drop additively to the baseline.
the extra filters should all be set to negate.
somehow this prevents the posessed worker and scientist from dropping all experience values.

note that setting a filter to negate means you will have to invert all settings.

hope this helps.

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