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Multiplayer -file options

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Yes, this question fits other boards, but oh well. :)

What is the best client/server multiplayer port for LAN play(not internet master server controlled)? and how do you load pwads with Skulltag?
What do you guys use? please let me know, thanks.

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Opulent said:

and how do you load pwads with Skulltag?

Um, the same way you do with any other port? :)

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This may be a gray area, to a grey degree. :} Client-server, to me, means something like csdoom or zdaemon, in which there is a server exe separate from a client exe. Zdoom is not that, the same exe serves for both host and client.

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csdoom/zdaemon are authoritative-server client server (Quake-style) - that is, there is only one game running, on the server. The clients are all "windows" into this game and receive informations about the game world from the server.

ZDoom is basically peer to peer, the exact same as the original doom, except that instead of the clients all communicating with each other, they all communicate through one central "server" node. There are actually several games running, one copy on each of the client computers. They are kept 'in sync' by using the same input data (player movement commands).

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