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More old school

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I love this game, even the multiplayer, but I assume they are making a sequel and here are my thoughts.

Even more like doom 1 and 2. Screw the new generation. The best parts of this game were the old school aspects and most reviews point that out. Not all but tip the scales more in the old school direction. Make the demons, guns, HUD, secrets, environments, etc even more like the originals.

Multiplayer must have classic death match. Load outs make sense for consoles but why can't they appease all sides with different modes.

Secrets should be more like originals but they did pretty good for the most part. Triggers, walls, etc.

More exploration

Less lockdowns and more enemies.

More hell levels

Classics skins and maybe redo some classic levels ( not in snap map)

Basically make it more like doom 1 and 2 both gameplay and aesthetics. They did a great job but I feel they were trying to appease a new generation when they didn't have to. Progression is good but small changes make a huge difference. Moderation is key.

Or they could just make quake 5 first.

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I think the game strikes a good balance between the old and the new. I don't think they should change anything drastically if and when they do a sequel.

Been playing Doom since I was about 8, and I don't think they should demodernize it in the slightest. Doom and Doom 2 are great games for the time that they were made but advances have been made that shouldn't be ignored. The hud looks great, it plays similarly to the original games with it's fast paced running and gunning, and its aesthetics are killer. I think they should try and get away from some of the arena battles that are so numerous in the campaign and mix it up a little like you mention but it is highly enjoyable none the less.

Everyone has the right to their own opinions of course so I respect yours, I just disagree on some things. Other things like classic deathmatch, more exploration, less lockdowns, more hell levels (or even better, Hell on Earth levels) I'm game for.

Fun factoid: The first game I ever bought with my older brother was Doom 2 back when it was first released. Still have no idea how we convinced our mom that she should let us buy it, no idea.

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I'm not saying demodernize but just slight changes that make it a little more doom like. It does feel a little more like quake which isn't bad but there are some changes that could be made I think to aesthetics environments that would make it even better. Some of the demons should be just a little more classic. I think they nailed most of them but the baron for example could be more goat like just little things like a nose or whatnot. The skulls in the environments have goat skulls so I feel like the rest should follow. I never got to buy doom growing up but my neighbors all had it so I just played there. Good times

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