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My First Map + Thoughts on SnapMap

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JNSV1 - Restless Violence (V 1.0)

Style: Survival
# of Players: 1-4

A endlessly looping UAC facility well stocked with ammo and powerups is your arena for survival against an endless invasion from Hell.


I've spent most of my time with the game playing SP and MP but I have been tinkering around with the SnapMap. Overall the concept and design isn't bad but aside from game logic it's extremely limited and without the ability to make a map with SP parameters I'm worried it won't hold up in the long run.

I built the map over a few hours early this morning. Starting with the templet for survival I built my own layout and transfered the logic over, then deleted the base snaps. I added a couple teleports and placed one of each weapon around the map and gave it a whirl.

Boy does the random item spawner suck. Most of your ammo gets placed in the corner where you can't see it and it's rather sparse at that. Plus I didn't see where I could specify what I wanted to spawn and what I didn't - it simply had spawn rates for little, medium and large pickups. Lame.

Thankfully populating your maps is a snap with SnapMap!™ I simply duplicated a shit ton of armor shards and little healths (the parameters copy every time), placed a few pickups and adjusted the placement of weapons.

Initially in my playthrough it seemed like there was too much to pick up but twenty minutes into it the AI spawner was throwing multiple barons, hell knights, mancubi and revenants at me on top of possessed and hell razers. Sprinkle in some imps.

So the reason this is version 1 is because I'm going to revise it and use it as my learning map for logic scripting and taking criticism.

To me there still seems to be an overabundance of items. I also found I ended up just using the SSG and gauss cannon the whole time. Once I balance the waves out in a more even manner I can adjust the spawn rates of items down or up depending but I'm not sure how I'm going to address the weapons.

The AI spawner seems inconsistent. I also found that if things got too tough and I had to duck out to recover the enemies I was just facing were completely gone. There were also long periods of nothing going on. To address this I'm going to be looking at the parameters and trying to figure them out. One thing I'm worried about is that if I want to scale things in a way that adjusts appropriately to co-op that I may have to be setting up lots of complicated logic chains all over the place. Which would suck since that used ro be handled by a simple co-op flag. Meh. Plus this is all going to be very time consuming on a PS4; I'll have to look into one of those keyboard mouse peripherals.

If the AI spawner isn't as flexible is I need I may just design custom waves of enemies which - if the amount of logic needed for co-op takes up too many resources I'll drop the player count to two.

I haven't tried this in co-op yet and I'd be very grateful for your feedback, or if you want to run it with me feel free to add me on PSN: Johnny_Nebulous

All in all I think I'll put a few miles into SnapMap but unless they add a LOT of modules (especially hell and outdoor) and the ability to make maps with SP parameters I don't see it taking off. I could be wrong.

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IMO SnapMap only needs more modules for different themes (Tech is boring) Since it's confirmed that You can have more than 2 weapons at same time, And maybe some Demon rune options .

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