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Phobos Action labs. Fast action on a beautiful map 2.0

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I guess I'll rest after this one... You guys liked "Foundry complex" (hope "Doom 3 tribute" too) - this is 10 times better. More complex, more action packed. Prepare to fight on this solo map. My biggest complain about most of the snapmap stuff is the lack of design. So I'm trying to fix this on my maps. For example look at the last screen - originaly there was an empty room with empty walls. So enjoy. Played this one dozen of times by myself.

Name: Phobos Action labs

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Do you have any tips on putting boxes (last screenshot) on each other without clipping them? I need to be precise when doing so and this takes a lot of time when adding too many boxes.

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Cool map. Upvote.

I liked where you put the weapons. The gauss cannon was in a nice spot. Picking off imps with that hellgun thing right from the start was really satisfying.

Really nice use of props, lighting and effects.

The music started to get on my nerves after moving through a few areas. Maybe it would have been better to start off with something calmer for the first half, then let it escalate up to the more intense music in the second half?

I ran out of ammo towards the end, couldn't find any, and died. Then I had to run all the way from the start back to the fight. That kinda sucked.

Make more! :)

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This map was great!

Almost ate it a couple times, but was able to find some health pickups when I needed them.

Weapon progression was good too, but I stopped switching after I got the rocket launcher and super shotty.

The rooms were designed great as well, with believable clutter to fill out the atmosphere.

Demon difficulty increased as you get the appropriate weapons to fight them.

Again, great map.

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Welp. That was enjoyable (and quite intense). Must admit, sometimes it felt like the fights dragged on a little long (like with the endless supply of revenants). That said, the last fight was pure joy. You weren't kidding about how you dressed up the maps. Amazing! Some of the prop placements were also conductive to flow, very nice.

Not much, if anything to complain about. Perhaps somehow signify panels that can be used vs panels that are already uses (unused; green light, used: no light or something like that). Also it was not directly clear the panels had to be found in different modules. But perhaps that is just me :)

Also the single last arena had four entrances. For flow it may be nice to somehow highlight the correct door after returning to it. You don't have to lock the others, just emphasize the "good" door. But really, those are minor things.


For some unfathomable reason I ended up on top of the scoreboard as well. I thought I spend a fair bit of time wandering around looking for the panels. Haha :)

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You have a liking to revenants, dontcha? Let me review:

Gameplay: Pretty good! 4/5
Jokes aside, the fights in this map were pretty hectic! The endless supply of revenants with other demons accompany alway had me moving! The fights were always "your toes" fun, and that makes it great!
Map Design: EXCELLENT. 5/5
I really like the map layout, of how all the props and things were placed! Really made the map unique to itself! And the weapon/difficulty buildup was pretty well planned!
Sound: Not too good. 2/5
The music can be done much better. Try to put idle music between fights, or change the song entirely to more "banging head" songs when facing different waves. Cause having only one song play for the entire level just makes the fighting feel dragging.
Difficulty: Pretty good! 4/5
The fights were always chaotic, but never hair-pulling tough. A good, good balance! Having the weapons coencide with the enemies you fight made the level much more enjoyable!
Uniqueness: Pretty good! 4/5
The great level design and the blasphemous amount of revenants really made this map stick out. Just make sure to implement checkpoints, and you'd be good!

Very nice map. Wouldn't mind trying it again!

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Thanks for the feedback! So glad you enjoyed the map. About some suggestions.

Checkpoints. 100% agree. The only reason why there are none of them - I didn't know how to make them. Gonna add checkpoints on all of my future maps.

Music. Yeah, I was lazy on this. Point taken.

About revenants :p One thing I've learned while doing arena fights - small demons suck. Not because I hate them, but because they always get stuck in object or get lost somewhere. If you make two waves of demons, second can never start cuz some lonely imp is walking on the edge of the room. Thats why I advise not to spawn many small demons on arenas with complex geometry. But revenants (and hellknights) are very good for such fights.

Again thanks for comments!

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That was a lot of fun. The last room was actually unnerving as hell because of the sudden stop of the music.

The wide open spaces makes it pretty easy once I had the rocket launcher.

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