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Soul Reapers v1.2 (New Survival Mode w/Video)

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Soul Reaper v1.2


This is my first creation using Doom's SnapMap. Its a 1-4 cooperative survival mode. You earn 125 souls per kill and can spend souls on weapons and armor - simply use the consoles and the weapon will appear in that room.

I've hidden upgrades around the map which re-spawn every 2-3 minutes. The player with the highest score wins!

[Partially Untested for 2-4 players] - I found that I had to create a pretty elaborate setup to stop the game from ending whenever one of the player members die. This setup is untested. Please help test it with 2-4 players if you can, let me know what happens!

[Help me!] - I would like to make it so the amount of souls earned per kill would scale based on the demon type. I don't know how to do this. Any thoughts or ideas from the community would be much appreciated!

Sorry I had to capture this on PS4. I had to get it on PS4 to play with my brother - but I'm seriously considering getting another copy just to play this glorious game with a mouse and keyboard!

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Chrisspitz said:

You should post your map & video on SnapMap Hub.

Thanks! I didn't even know that website existed. I made a post. ^_^

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It's relatively new, only about 3-5 days old. I'm trying to spread the word :)

Thanks for posting your map!

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