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Zdoom player skins for Heretic

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This week I learned how to use and create character skins for DM and SP. This would be great to include my favorite skins bundled with my Heretic DM project. I have a few questions and other concerns.

--Appropriate Use of Skins:--

First off using a skin such as a monster or female character in Doom seems pointless because you can still see the male hand of the doom guy with his hairy arms while using every weapon. In Hexen using a monster skin is pointless because of the aforementioned viewing of the characters hands. Using a female skin would be appropriate, however, while using the cleric and mage. Using a female character would also be appropriate in Heretic. Using any skin would work in heretic and MM8BitDM because most weapons do not include hands in the design of the sprites. That is if you don’t use Heretic’s gauntlets and staff.

--Skin Classes:--

Here is where I run into issues with Heretic. When you include a class name as you filter in the skin definition file it does not recognize it as a different class. Is there a way to make it recognize the different classes while scrolling through the skins? If you have to include a player class script in a separate decorate file, is there a way to hide the names from the main screen while starting a new game? This would be really helpful to create filters while scrolling through over 30 character skins.

For instance if I include 3 or more imp variants for player skins I want their class to be called “Imps”, or if I include my favorite sprites from the sirens resource wad I want to call their class “Sirens”. I would like these to come up in the class selection screen in the player setup menu and nowhere else.

Since I am at it, is there a way to not include the sprite frames in the wad while using them as monsters and have it pull the sprite frames from the my monster directory instead. Does Zdoom look through the skin directory while looking for the monster sprites? I do not want to include the sprite frames twice in my mod.

--Skin Suggestions:--

Finally do you know of any skins or monster sprites that would work as player skins in Heretic? If you do please provide a link to where I could find them. Thanks you so very much.

--What I Have Compiled So Far:--

Here is a link to what I have so far. Please let me know what works and what does not. If you know the original author of the sprite edits please let me know as well. Finally using the PK3 file allows you to filter the skins by class it is not set in stone and it is subject to change at any time. If you would like to help with the scripting please be my guest.

And so finally here is the link: My Dropbox Archive thanks.

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