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Kenon's wads/mods for Heretic/Hexen

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Hello! I wasn't on this forum since 2009 year. My interest to modifications to Doom reduced, but i feel it my duty to tell you about works of my close friend Kenon . We are both from Russia, and he is good mapper for games Heretic: Shadow of Serpent Riders and Hexen: Beyond Heretic, which are based on Doom 2 engine. He knows English language even less than me, so i decided to make this post. I'm not sure if i choose the right section to post, but move this thread, if i'm wrong.

I will try to introduce to his works with screenshots, description and link to download. Let's go!

Hardworld (Falanor chaos)

This wad consists of two episodes: Hardworld and Falanor Chaos. All wads of Kenon have a very high difficulty. This wad is not designed for Single Player mode, only for Online Cooperative (with ports Skulltag or Zandronum). This mod contains good architecture of levels and interesting gameplay. New music was added, also monsters from Hexen, new textures etc. It have also a lot of enemies and own story.

Screenshots is here - https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/kenonserver/album/93306/?&p=1

Maps: 16.
Ports to launch: ZDoom, GzDoom, Skulltag, Zandronum.
Size: 1839 kb

Download here - http://kenonserver.narod.ru/hereticwads/hrdworldgold_fix03.pk3

Welcome to Karambaras

This project is hardcore cooperative wad for Skulltag, with one episode. On many levels you will meet Decorate modified monsters. Also few new guns: analogue of Doom's BFG (you will met this close to the end) and Shotgun analogue (only on secret level). Wad is not playable in Single Player mode.

Screenshots is here - https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/kenonserver/album/156920/

Maps: 9
Ports for launch: Skulltag
Size: 13.4 mb

Download here - https://yadi.sk/d/03zvMzQJVpVMu

Parthoris Invasion

Cooperative collection of levels for the port Zandronum.
Levels are made for the Invasion mode. User "Heretic" from forum Hexen-Game.ru helped with this mod.
Then slot of map, name of map and author.

PINV01 - Bay of Sorrow - Kenon
PINV02 - Magic Arena - Kenon
PINV03 - Invasion from Nowhere - Kenon
PINV04 - Dark Ritual - Heretic с сайта hexen-game.ru
PINV05 - Sea Battle - Heretic с сайта hexen-game.ru
PINV06 - Ice Ambush - Kenon
PINV07 - The Pyramid - Heretic с сайта hexen-game.ru
PINV08 - Dungeon invasion - Kenon

Screenshots is here - https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/rkolybzev/album/162136/

Maps: 8
Ports: Zandronum
Size: 6.5 mb

Download here - http://kenonserver.narod.ru/hereticwads/ParthorisInvasion.pk3

Battle for the sphere of chaos

will write from the name of author:

My long work for Hexen, which i was started in September 2013. It have only 4 levels, but it have "hub" mode.
Story: The action takes place in parallel world of Hexen, where instead of Korax, world Cronos was attacked by D'Sparil and with the help of his army brought the chaos and destruction to this world. The task of heroes - crush the D'Sparil and destroy the Sphere of Chaos, which he uses to control his troops.

Screenshots is here - https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/rkolybzev/album/162137/

A short video from mod: https://youtu.be/wPddl0Jvm1c

Maps: 4
Ports to launch: GzDoom, possibly Zandronum
New graphics - textures and sprites from Heretic
New music - from Heretic
Gameplay - Single Player, maybe Cooperative
Size: 6.29 mb

Download here - http://kenonserver.narod.ru/hexenwads/Bftsoc.pk3

Also Kenon have made a lot of not so big wads, you can find it here - http://kenonserver.narod.ru/

If you have questions about his works, ask me. Thanks!

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Yes, they are really great, i think you should try to play this.
First three mods are for Heretic, and the last one for Hexen.

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I remember initially encountering that one "Hexen custom map pack" on a game server once and having a dickens of a time finding it again (I eventually stumbled on his site doing some unrelated searching). It's a fairly good one.

Is there a reason he doesn't upload to the idgames archive?

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I remember initially encountering that one "Hexen custom map pack" on a game server once and having a dickens of a time finding it again (I eventually stumbled on his site doing some unrelated searching). It's a fairly good one.

Is there a reason he doesn't upload to the idgames archive?

Because he badly knows English language.

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Sorry to bump this thread but here goes.

I have been slowly playing through Welcome to Karambaras map set also known as (pieceofshit.wad) with using Zandronum on difficulty 2 while I am not playing anything else. Though it has a lot of enemies it is still playable on single player. Unlike the name of the wad it is not the best map set I have played it is not the worst either. It is nowhere near a piece of shit.

My biggest tiff is that I feel like I am being trolled with the map set. Though I have played Heretic: SOTSR on difficulty 4, Heretic: Curse Of D'Sparil and Hordes of Chaos on Difficulty 3 I feel like my Heretic skills are more than adapt to play most Heretic map sets. But somehow I feel like I am still being trolled with this map set. No one trolls me at Heretic. You can troll me all you want for Doom and sometimes for Hexen but I refuse to be trolled at Heretic. If there is a way to get through it I will find a way.

I am one of the very few who joined Doomworld just for Heretic and Hexen so I get tired of people using those games as a fodder to piss off players of this game. I hope this makes sense to you and I hope it gets improved so that I feel that its intention is not to troll me but to challenge me instead.

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