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Depravity, a (mini) wad for Doom ][

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Hello, I'm fairly new around here and I'm going to show you the current project that I have in the oven.

The project itself is called "Depravity"

You are an un-named man (AKA not the Doomguy but you somehow bear a striking resemblance to Bruce Willis) who has been thrown into some kind of twisted and sadistic course by unknown individuals. This so-called "course" is part of a facility built to chastise bad people. That's right, your character have made a mistake in the past and today he must pay the price. That's all about the story (this is Doom after all, what did you expect ?).

I've planned hella stuff for my wad, like :

Regarding atmosphere, I'd like to do something rarely or never seen in Doom wads released since 1993. Each level (except for the first one that is a mixed bag of various designs) will feature its own theme and setting. The whole wad will only use three shades of colors : grey for most of the scenery, red for the gore imagery and a few details in the various rooms and finally : yellow to orange for everything about muzzleflashes, sparks and/or flames. I'm also using WAV sound files and musics from PSX Doom and N64 Quake I and II.
In the end, I'd like to find myself with a wad inspired by the SAW films and the Halfquake mod series for Half-Life.

About the gameplay, it will be varied, very varied. Each level will generally feature one kind of hazard, such as slime or crushers. Also, each level will feature a rather unique gameplay, in example : the first level is featuring good, old FPS shooting "à la Doom" but in cramped and tight areas, the second level will consist of a maze fully made of teleporters (remember the gym in Saffron City in Pokémon ? Well, that's the same thing I'm talking about here) while the third level will have the particularity to not to have any medkits.

I will also use my wad to experiment something related to tag #666 that I had imagined.
The wad will replace Doom II's first chapter (from "Entryway" to "Dead Simple").

I'm mostly alone on this project although I use resources from various authors, such as the grey textures from Nick Baker. I've forgot who made the health potion sprite, I've just recolored it in red, same thing for the D64 Imp, I don't know who edited it.

Now, to the screenshots ! (these thumbnails are click-able)

That's all I've got for now, feel free to comment, and thanks for reading ! :)

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