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Supply crates re-usable?

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Hi guys. Wondering if any of you helpful lot can help me out on with this one. Is there a way to make the supply crates re-usable? Want to have them in my survival map. But they only seem to be able to be used once. I can get round this by using terminals instead. But pressing a button to restock ammo just feels unatural. Is there some way i can make the supply crate refresh so it can be used multiple times? I've tried a few various ways to try and find a way round it, but so far no luck.

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I found a way. Indirectly.

You see, the munitions box itself is usable only once, so the way i took the repeated munitions usage is indirect: the box itself is never used.

I made a cylinder area trigger in front of the box, which prompts a use input command. The command is pressed, and out is spawned an ammo pack in front of the player!

But YEAH... having the thing itself used repeatedly is nay impossible. Just make it seem reusable.

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Thanx man. That's a great idea. Shame it can't be done directly. But this is a good compromise. Wanted something that seemed a bit more realistic. Besides, those terminals are over used in lots of maps.

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