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Unique Revenant Boss Battle - Fast & action packed SnapMap level with advanced stuff

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Bored of running through large bland levels with barely anything in them? Here's something different! Fast & packed, technically impressive and polished over a week of optimization and testing.

Map Name: Unique Revenant Boss Battle
Map ID: CG522C46

Everything on the map is carefully hand placed, there is no auto generated generic content. The players can respawn so everything else can also respawn including powerups & demon battles. The rooms are safe for 2 minutes after a victory, but then you are game again! Each battle takes full advantage of the maximum 12 demon slots at a time introducing greater challenges as you go. You will meet every enemy breed, and you can find all currently available weapons in the game. Keep your eyes open for the 5 available secret areas!

Came for Solo stayed for the Multiplayer?
The map is balanced for both solo and coop play. Health, armor and ammo is placed based on 'demon value'. There is an automatic difficulty scale in place with the following setup:

Solo (1 player): 100% demon health, 100% demon damage
2 players: 200% demon health, 150% demon damage
3 players: 300% demon health, 200% demon damage
4 players: 400% demon health, 250% demon damage

The boss is scaled separately for a little extra pain (there is much more to the boss then these numbers, don't worry):

Solo (1 player): 500% boss health, 200% boss damage
2 players: 600% boss health, 250% boss damage
3 players: 700% boss health, 300% boss damage
4 players: 800% boss health, 350% boss damage

Want to Customize?
Let's see if you can solo the map on the 4 player difficulty! You can overrule the difficulty settings and you can also decide if you want loot dropped from demon kills.

Got the Technology!
This map will not break! it's designed with logic systems that make sure everything is in place. Demon are fully tracked so you never have to worry about the enemies not spawning bug. There is a difficulty scale and the boss mechanics take advantage of all the tricks in the box.

Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Tried this with 2 player coop. We got owned at the end so badly the other guy left. Realizing I couldn't complete it on my own I followed suit. It's a pretty challenging map. Would it hurt to put another weapon spawn at the end?

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Ah that's sad to hear. I know it's challenging but it's a boss battle. There is a combat shotgun which has the grenade launcher mod in the same room. You can defeat the boss using that weapon, and once your buddy left the boss health and damage auto scales back to one player difficulty.

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I did not Actually understand the bosses behavior but it appeared to just teleport in for one second and leave. If this is the case then I would say the heaviest asssalt rifle it would be a bad choice for a starting weapon. The problem was neither of us could actually get to the shotgun before being mauled by what appears to be infinite spawning demons .

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The idea is that the boss is a Revenant equipped with experimental teleportation gear. When hit it teleports away to one of eight teleportation pads in the corners of the arena. The challenge is to hunt it down while killing or avoiding the minions. Harder hitting weapons are more effective at the task.

If you kill a minion of the boss it returns in 5 seconds. If the boss is killed, all the minions die with it.

It's an intense fight but it's very doable. I think you just need to get used to the idea of more complex boss battle. Once you have the mindset of dodging the minions and damaging the boss only and you know what movement you can expect, it becomes almost easy. Some minions might be worth killing depending on the situation. I advise to kill lost souls.

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Good so far but some suggestions:

1. Once you clear a room on lock down, the room should not lock down again a second time just by simply leaving and re-entering the room.

2. On death, players should keep their weapons.

3. Got blue flag but did not know where to take it, got lost and died too many times due to points 1 and 2.

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Thanks for the feedback to the both of you.

1.) The rooms are safe for two minutes after a victory. This is a mechanic of the map that fights can return, some rooms have two battles and they rotate around.

2.) Hmmm I feel that then there is no way to be beaten by the demons. We need players to care about dying.

3.) The Blue Door is just to your right in the first small room after the entry hallway.

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