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Mars Doomball League

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Hey All,
Inspired by the pre-release snapmap that was shown which was Doom Basketball, I've created a snapmap of Doomball*. Code: NSCYZ9UE. It offers upto 8v8 game where teams try to score the most points by taking the "ball" into the opposing goal. Teams are part of the Mars Doomball league (MDL), The Phobos Revenants and the Deimos Hell Knights.

Obviously as snapmap only offers max of 4 players so each team will have 6 of their respective demons so it's really 2 players v 2. Teams start on opposite sides of the field, in front of the goal that they are defending. Upon a score, everyone dies and respawns for the next kick off.

The Official Mars Doomball Arena does have a scoreboard and game clock on it.

I've been able to test most of this but not how it works in a multiplayer environment.

Please feel free to give it a try and feedback.

Doomball* Doesn't actually contain a ball but uses a yellow flag instead (teams are red and blue) so grab the flag and then "capture" it by running it into the opposition goals (e.g. Red Team want to get it then touch a blue flag and vice versa)

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