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Metal and Vikings, are they related in any way?

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I was wondering if the 'all-boys-together' sort of feeling that some meatal bands portray are related in any way to what actually went on in the ancient cultures. Did they sing songs like nightwish's or epica's or sonata arctica's or any of the like? I imagine a bunch of blonde, dirty haired, bulky dude's in a boat, cladded with leather and steel, singing and 'boat-banging', like it was metal back then too.
anyone can share a thought on this?

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Here's some norse pagan folk music. This is more accurate to what they listened to.


Okay, but seriously. This.

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I don't know how close it is to actual Viking music, but Hedningarna is fun to listen to and very probably more accurate than, uh, metal.

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