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Some sounds stopped working!

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Hey guys,
Got a little trouble here... I was working with some sounds with Wintex 4.3 when the stupid thing crashed. Now some of the sounds in the game will not work, even though they are ok in the actual WAD. Specifically the pistol and the chaingun. Any ideas as to why that happened and how to fix it? Weird thing was that I wasn't even working with those sounds at the time of the crash.

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If the sounds appear by their proper names in your wad, and will play when selected in Wintex, it's very odd they don't play in the game. Maybe there is some kind of corruption in the internal wad directory or whatever the data structure is. Try completely deleting the sound entries, saving the wad, then reinstall the sound entries.

If that does not work, I always like a challenge, you can send me the wad and I'll try to discover the problem. llblakely@earthlink.net. I'm assuming you are talking about a pwad, not an iwad such as doom2.wad.

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