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Crashes, Bugs, and Complaints aboud Snapmap

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I was working on my wave-based map (https://www.doomworld.com/vb/snapmap/88237-damnation-a-doom-wave-map-incomplete/) attempting to implement a cash system, to which i discovered it wasn't working. The hud wasn't tracking the score of a variable (Got stuck at 100), so i decided to fix that, and then saved the project. 10 minutes later, the screen was still stuck at the Saving Screen, so i concluded that i fucked it up.

I closed the program from the menu, to which i got the surprise that Doom ran into an error! WOW! I BROKE IT!

Has anyone else ran into bugs or even crashes of Snapmap? CAUSE I DID.

I guess complaints can fall under here as well. Such as only 12 demons alive at any given point of the map.

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