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Why do so many people hate Doom 3?

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I've recently been playing through the DOOM 3 campaigns again; first the BFG Edition, and then the originals. While there are maybe a few things I prefer in the BFG Edition (its brighter levels and native widescreen HUD), I still prefer vanilla.

Although, I honestly can't stand the original flashlight mechanic anymore. Constantly switching between the flashlight and a weapon gets annoying fast, so now I just play it with the duct tape mod.

Aside from the darkness and monster closets, there's not really much that I hate about DOOM 3. Betruger was a clich├ęd villain, and the Cyberdemon boss fight could have been better, but they weren't enough to ruin the game for me.

(But I hate the step10.ogg sound, so much that I replaced it with step13.ogg.)

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Avoozl said:

Well not all of the custom maps were sub-par, there was at least some good ones such as Endarchy for one example.

However another problem I find with BFG Edition is how they added way too much extra ammo to the maps when there's already more than enough at a certain point of the original game.

I wasn't implying that they were, just that many of the ones that actually WERE sub-par probably had more effort put into them than TLM did.

Also, cheers for the recommendation. I'll go check that out.

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I think one problem is id was too ambitious with the graphics engine. Thanks to that, they forced themselves into making very tight and restrictive spaces to avoid the game becoming too big of a strain on hardware at the time, which it still required fairly demanding specs for its time, especially on higher settings. I think they would have been better off sacrificing a bit of visual fidelity so that they could have larger environments, hence why Half-Life 2 is considered not nearly as graphically impressive but it has more open environments.

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Xeliv said:

- Cherubs and Maggots: Why do we need more monsters that can jump in your face when Imps can do that too?

Maggots are melee only and weaker then Imps, they play a different role.
Cherubs are also melee only but their leap attack is more unpredictable then the Imp's. Also they are visually a cool, surreal design.

- Z-Secs and Chaingun Commando: Except from the rare shield guy they are this game's former humans.

And yet they are more diverse and behave more agile and clever then the classic very slow zombiemen.

- Zombies: They aren't really a threat, more an annoyance. I do like the Chainsaw Zombies but those are way to underused.

They don't have to be a great threat to be a worthy addition. Good for early encounters and for enemy swarms.

- Trites: would be okay if the game spawned a lot of them at once so they would swarm you but in vanilla Doom 3 they are Zombie-level dangerous.

They normally come in swarms. And they fit visually in the surreal creepy cathegory like the Cherubs and the Vagary.

- Wraiths: Maggots with a weird teleport gimmick that is to slow and obvious to be interesting.

I agree that their teleport effect is too slow. You can however combine them very well with stronger monsters to create fun combat situations.

RoE brings us a few more enemies:
- Bruiser: a mix of Hell Knight and Mancubus. I like the design and due to it being so aggresive it feels like thats what the Mancubus should have been.
- Vulgar: It's an Imp with slightly different behaviour.

Bruisers are great, but I feel the Doom 3 Mancubi are perfect they way they are.

I agree about the Vulgar, it really is just an Imp variant and kind of redundant.

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Batelli_1605 said:

Forgot to point out that the final boss was a let down(well, it was at least for me), I was hoping for a new one.

I KNOW RIGHT!!! That's the only thing i hate about Doom 3, They ditch the " shoot it until it dies " thing and replace it with the three shot soulcube kill.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Doom 3 ROE Boss was much better .

When you run out of souls for your artifact... You're in deep shit! XD

And yeah, the final boss in the expansion pack is so much better.

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The final boss for 3 was too easy, while the final boss for RoE can be hard as hell.

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Avoozl said:

The final boss for 3 was too easy, while the final boss for RoE can be hard as hell.

Well, you could get close In a corner and you can sneak some shots, kind of like If you were going behind a pillar and sneaking SSG shots on an Archvile.

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