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a question for y'all

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hi!! my name is paige and im fairly new here haha
frankly, im not really sure where to put this question, so im just going to put this here for now. pleasedonthurtme

anwyays!! i have a hobby where i take sprites and put them into scenes or edit them to my liking or something. Recently i was trying to download sprites from a website, but they're packaged in a .WAD file. All i really need is just the sprites as .pngs since I don't plan on making a doom level anytime soon, so does anyone know any good .WAD extractors or something that can extract the sprites as .pngs?

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SLADE is what you need.

You can right-click sprite frames and choose Graphic -> Export as PNG.

You might need to set the palette to Doom (Dialog in the top-right of the screen) if you don't actually have a copy of Doom.

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