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[solved] errors 500 and 425 when uploading to /idgames

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I was able to log onto the server anonymously and upload a file without a problem with the command-line instructions given here.

To answer further, we need to know: What is the FTP client you are using?

(It would also help if you showed us the rest of your screen, rather than this small fragment.)

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Thank you. If you cannot use PORT, you may be behind a NAT / firewall. In that case, you will need to use the PASV command to enter passive mode (data connections initiated by the client instead of the server) before you PUT your file.

The problem—and the reason I asked about your client—is that Windows' FTP client does not support passive mode. At all. It seems Microsoft just didn't implement it. If you want to use a command-line FTP client, you will need to find another one to be able to use passive mode.

Alternatively, you could find a GUI client. I just tried CoreFTP for uploading to idgames anonymously and it seemed to work okay for me following the GUI instructions on the FAQ. You can download either a 64-bit version or a 32-bit one (for Windows XP).

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