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Doom Builder Save Problem

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I'm trying to build a 33rd vanilla map for my megawad. All I did so far is make a simple room with a voodoo doll and a Baron of Hell in it, as well as a player start. Everything's going fine, except the baron suddenly stopped being able to "see" the player whenever I save the map.

The baron is still able to hear the player. Upon being alerted, it will track you down but it will still not attack. It's as if you don't even exist. If I change one thing in the map so that Doom Builder 2 needs to save changes, the baron will act like normal again. Please help!

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If it's a node builder bug, you might solve it by modifying the map geometry (near the Baron) and rebuilding the map's nodes (which happens when you save the map after modifying map geometry at least slightly).

If it's an instance of the sleeping sergeant bug, you can solve it by moving your Baron to a slightly different position on both x and y axes.

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Xyzzy01 said:

my megawad

Is that the "Confinement 256"? Congrats on actually making it.

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rdwpa said:

Make sure the map has more than one sector.

I gave the map another sector and everything works now. Thank you all for helping me out here!

bzzrak said:

Is that the "Confinement 256"? Congrats on actually making it.

Thanks. Yep, this is the wad, only now it is MAP01 and is slightly modified.

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