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Solved: Team Resources not adding to Red Team

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So I'm working on a survival map which is for all intents and purposes complete. I have it set up right now to drop a container with a different Team Resource depending on which team makes a kill. Now here's the problem: For whatever reason, no matter which resource I try to use (I first attempted with only one resource, then switched to two thinking maybe they had to be assigned to a team) the Red Team never gains the resources. I have gone completely insane trying to figure out what is wrong. Is there something I need to do to make each team have access to a resource? Has anyone else tried using Team Resources yet? I could really use some advice here.

Solved: Changed it so the Container didn't hold a resource, but instead gave a resource when picked up. Fixed everything right up. Still kinda annoying I had to jury rig it as such, but it works.

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