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Vega Sim: Walking on Glass

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My second SnapMap creation is finally done! It took me literally all week to get everything running without bugs (there's one still but it's a game issue). This map was a real horror story to develop. And to think, I went in expecting it to be easy and simple. This map is considered canon with my previous map, Lore Friendly. The game mode, Glass Cannon, was the primary focus of development, and now that all the major pieces are in place I can swap the actual level design out and set the same Survival game in different locales. I certainly encourage anyone out there who wants to to make their own variants with rooms you like. All you have to do is pop the main room away, plop down your new setting, and hook up the supply rooms. Then you just have to move all the guts of the script from the original room into your new setting and you're good to go! Just keep it tagged as Glass Cannon, please.

Map Name: Walking on Glass
Current Version: v1.0
SnapCode: HDJK9HFZ
Difficulty: Challenging
Game Mode: Glass Cannon Survival. Demons have low health, but deal massive damage.
Story: Prior to your mission to Deimos (Lore Friendly series) Vega runs your Elite Guard through a battery of training simulations. The first is a combination shooting gallery and reflex trainer called Glass Cannon Survival.
-90 Waves
-5 Loadout Options
--Assault: Shotgun
--Marksman: Burst Rifle
--Support: Heavy Assault Rifle
--Engineer: Plasma Rifle
--Berzerker: Lightning Gun w/ Boost Boots! Try jumping on the crates.
-Dynamic Scoring
-6 randomly cycling Boss Fights
-Bonus Round every 10 Waves
-Randomized Sountrack

Coming in v1.1
-Loadout Perks
-Improved One-Time Drops (Supply Crates are broken in online play)
-2 unlockable Loadouts
--Guardian: Super Shotgun
--Chaingunner: Chaingun
-Variable Soul Drops (Waiting for a patch, AI filters are broken)

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julz_d said:

For some reason I couldn't figure out how to activate the monsters.

There are ready up pads for each team in the middle of the combat room.

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VentedPennies said:

Maybe add some point of interest modifiers to make that explicitly clear?

I guess I'll have to. I sort of expected people to want to look around and make sure they knew the arena, and that surly they would find the pads with a sign over them saying "Blue/Red Team Ready". But I suppose it's best to plan for every possibility. I honestly have't played with POIs much yet, so I'll put one in before the next version.

EDIT: I went ahead and made the alteration. Took out the world text i favor of the POI. Should be no question of how to start the game now.

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You could make the world text visible from everywhere.

You gotta remember, people trying snapmaps have probably encountered numerous buggy maps, so expecting that population to explore right away is unrealistic. I mean, if you bought a 60 dollar game, sure, because you wouldn't expect it to be broken. For snapmap maps? If people don't see some sign of life, they'll probably assume it's another untested, broken map.

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