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Logic Chain for Unique Encounters

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So I want to run a logic chain to produce randomized demon spawns at randomized locations.

What I've done currently is assign each demon spawn an integer (e.g. Possessed worker = 1). Then, on trigger a random integer is given X number of times (X is the encounter size). Depending on other triggers or variables, I can assign how many times this sequence runs.

For the demon placements, I have a random relay after the demon spawn that is based on a different randomized integer, and based on this second integer the demon spawns at a different location (if 1, then spawn here, if 2, then over here, etc.).

Right now, I have this logic setup in an observation module outside the map, so the spawning and teleportation takes places off-map and can be directed anywhere on the map.

Since I don't have a programming background, my question is whether there is a a more simplified way to to provide random enemy encounters at random locations.

A side benefit of this logic is I can also buff the spawns to increase or decrease the difficulty. I can also sort of customize rooms to produce only certain monsters by limiting the Rinteger output (e.g. 1-4 are only human mobs, 5-9 are demons).

I can't upload the map yet for you to check out, so it's just theorycrafting here.

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So in practice, I got it to work with

Trigger -> start repeater -> repeats integer -> compares integer -> on equal spawns X

on spawn add integer y, compare to encounter limit variable, on equal -> stop repeater

in retrospect, random spawners would conserve more resources but would make changing the difficulty levels more complex.

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