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Doom as a throwback...

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Like many people, I've been staring at the Doom cover art for years and years. It's captivating, imaginative, and probably one of, if not the greatest video game cover art ever.

Not long ago a statue/bust was made of the cover art, and it got my attention yet again.

I've contemplated this notion for awhile, and I wanted to hear what other Doom fans thought of this idea.

What if that cover art were interpreted as a whole other thing? Like, set aside what you know about Doom the game. What if that cover art was actually the basis for a throwback 80s/90s sci-fi style b-movie in the vein of Humanoids from the Deep, Galaxy of Terror, Evil Dead, From Beyond, or some other b-movie of your choice?

Like it would still follow the same general idea. Space Marines fighting Demons from Hell, but it would be like men in demonic make-up/suits ala the cover art, and sets that look like something out of Alien or Aliens, and you'd have a lot of the similar tropes. (Marines getting picked off, or possessed ala Evil Dead until only one remains. A babbling mad scientist, and a final act where Our Hero has to shut down the gate, or blow up the base, and ends up fighting the "cybernatically enhanced demon") almost, as insanely high-concept as this is, what if there had been a Doom movie in the 80s that INSPIRED the game?

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