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DeePsea 11.65 posted

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DeePsea 11.65 Biggest changes are for Legacy and ZDOOM and XP. The short list:

Legacy #RRRGGBBA texture name support, ability to change specific colors for specials. For example, to highlight Legacy script lines.

New Editing dialogs with direct entry of Specials/ZDOOM/HEXEN values.

Ability to use any Node Builder desired automatically. Geared toward Legacy ZENNODE users and also for those ports that require GLBSP.

New Thing shape and display description option. Give any Thing a short (1-8 chararacters) description which shows onscreen, making it much easier to review sophisticated levels with lots of control Things as in ZDOOM.

New predefined Thing images for certain ZDOOM and HEXEN Things.

All this stuff is set in the OPT files, so change to whatever suits you.


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