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Demon vs Demon! (My First Snapmap!)

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YYSD3H2T - Snapcode!

Try it out and tell me what you think! The level allows 4 players to become Baron of Hell's, and the goal is to take out the other opponents and reach a score of 4000 Points (Or 10 kills) to gain victory! The level is huge in this, so many places to hide and gather strength to trap opponents, as well as to hunt down and chase them. I added pressure plate traps around the level as well that all do different things. One causes a mist to hinder enemy sight in a certain area, only to teleport them into the center of a fire pit if they walk through it. Another will cause fire to burst from the ground and burn your opponent alive. Another will spawn a demon, that if you kill, will reward you with health! There's a bunch of barrels around as well! Have fun and offer suggestions for improvement! (Maybe even more trap ideas!) Thank you!

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I've added quite a bit more traps to this map since I last posted here. One is a pressure plate that activates a teleporter, to which stepping into it will teleport you into an inescapable room filled with poison gas. You will slowly die, as the player activator on the pressure plate gets to stand outside the room, watching through the windows.

One other are trap doors that if you walk in, and someone steps on a pressure plate, you will be trapped inside as the door locks. Inside a couple doors are hazards, but in one door is a green fire called the Fire of Life, which gives you health!

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