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BFG Blast Fest!!! (DM)

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Snapcode is 3D5VS3FQ

Mode 2-4 player DM
Timelimit 15
Scorelimit 35

Of course my first snapmap had to be a gimmick map. Actually its a gimmick of some gimmick maps I made for classic Doom. Eveyone starts with a BFG and unlimited ammo. I have not had any real way to test the map prior to publishing. I made this on xbox and am not really sure how to take screenshots there so sorry for that, if someone knows how I could go back and try later.

(update ver 3)

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Edited for clarity

I believe this map should be working properly now although it is untested.

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Jesric1029 said:

To take a screenshot double tap the Xbox button and hit "y".

Then go to xboxclips.com

All right awesome thank you for that information. I have added two screenshots in the thread opener as well as updated this version one update. I would still like to test it but it should be playable now.

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Well it turns out there were quite a few kinks to work out in this thing. I've released a new version under the same snap code. This changes quite a few things from the map layout to the score limit to the timer and some other things. I'm still quite new to this and I'm learning but this release should be good to run hopefully. Play testing these DM maps with someone can make all the difference in the world.

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