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Help me find some wads that heavily use 3D Floors?

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Still not finished after a Mordeth-esque timeframe, but there's definitely some 3D abuse in this map: http://teamhellspawn.com/expanse.zip
Legacy/GZDoom compatible (or at least it was the last time I did any work on it)


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Zed said:

There are quite a few of those, but two that I remember right now are Soulcrusher and Paranoid, both for GZDoom.

I've tried playing the Soul Crusher one, but I can't find the resources (monsters/texures/weapons etc.) and the dropbox link (for the .zip) on the thread is a dead link. Any help?

Addendum: Wow! I have never actually played HL, but if the mood is anything like paranoid I think that I might like to. What a cool project. I really like the decorating and the 3D models are really impressive.

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