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Unambitious Mapsets

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I was thinking about making another map for "Blank Space", a small one, even smaller than the one I've already designed. But I was feeling some kind of aversion to doing so (one other than my very recent disenchantment with the "modern polished style"), and I couldn't put my finger on exactly what.

After a bit more reflection, it seems to be that I don't want to begin a mapset that has extremely modest goals. Part of it has to do with my reference points being ambitious. You know, all the countless episodes and megawads out there, often containing many levels, often containing a BIG level if not (SWTW). My reference points for single maps on the other hand are a lot more humble; a map like "Miasma" is the extreme exception.

So the net result is that modest single-wad releases feel natural to me, but modest multi-wad releases -- which do actually exist, which I've played, but which are still quite a bit less prominent in my consciousness than their single-map analogs -- feel odd. This strikes me as irrational. As total horseshit. Like, ugh. But it also somehow feels very right.

Anyway, as a mapper -- not as a player! -- how do you generally feel about tiny mapsets?

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Ive been sitting on the idea of short 3-5 mapsets for a long time. It seems so simple and relaxing to do, but I gotta finish my bigger projects first!

I think it could be especially fun to do like two maps and another person do one or two for a 4-map thing with little work. Just throw in some new textures to unify a theme, make some title graphics, maybe a new statusbar to make it feel complete. :)

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I like short mapsets, both from the perspective of a mapper and a player. Short sets that I can play in one sitting and have a blast doing so? I won't say no to that. A four-five map short episode that I can whip out after a month's worth of work without the feeling of the project dragging on for ages? I've done it once, enjoyed doing so, and will certainly do it again :)

40oz, I've had a similar idea for a while now, and would love to make that happen sometime. All I need to do is find a person who'd be willing to collaborate with me on it.

EDIT: Would anyone be interested in this in the near future?

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Definitely! I'd be happy to pump out a map or two for a small mapset with an interesting texture theme. I think it would be a good mapping exercise as well!

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